Top 5 Drug Movies

Top 5 Drug Movies

Abraham Dayfallah


Being Drug awareness week it is fitting to rank the top 5 Drug movies of all time. Ranking in number 1 is Scarface, played by Al Pacino.

It is about a Cuban immigrant who takes over a drug cartel with his sole goal to be filthy rich. During the film he undergoes heavy drug usage with sniffing cocaine and losing sight of why he got started in the first place.

The drugs in the movie messed with his mind and all of the movies audience knows that when someone gets over competent there is something bad bound to happen. In Pacinos case he not only was commonly phrased by his quote “Say hello to my little friend, “ but was also known for his gory death towards the end of the film because drugs over took his body.


In Second place comes limitless, whose main character is Bradley Cooper. He is a writer that uses NZT-48, a nootropic drug, to enhance his memory because hes suffering from writers block to finish his book.

His addiction to rely on this NZT was heavily abused through this movie that eventually got him into massive trouble. He constantly was taking this drug and relied on its effects in his day to day schedule.

Pineapple Express

In third there is Pineapple express, a comedy played by actors James Franco and Seth Rogen who are total pot heads just trying to get high. With drugs there is always a consequence and for that fact leads them on an action adventure of a life time that produced massive laughs and reviews from its audiences. Pineapple express is known as “the stoner movie.”

21 Jump Street

Coming fourth is 21 Jump street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum who play undercover cops at a local highschool to uncover the identity of a drug dealer. The drug that was the main plot in the movie, was known as H.F.C which stands for “holy fucking shit, “ that led a teenager to over dose at a highschool. Throughout the premise of the movie Hill and Tatum pose as brothers and try to fit into the highschool but undergo changes of their own through the acts of H.F.S they both use the substance which later gets them into trouble and breaks up their friendship during the film.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Last but not least, in fifth is Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Staring John Cho and Kal Penn, who embark on a hallucinogenic journey just for food, smoking marijuana. Throughout the movie they were under the influence and were so high they imagined so many scenarios and sequences just to travel to White Castle, a burger fast food resturant. Drugs in this movie are depicted as the stereotypical stoner, and what they see when they are getting high.