Review: ‘Lone Survivor’ doesn’t disappoint


Based on the New York Times bestselling true story and memoir of U.S NAVY seal Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor depicts a journey of bravery, courage, and survival.

Four U.S NAVY seals bound together to execute a furtive mission in order to neutralize a high-level al-Qaeda operative, Ahmad Shahd, in the rocky mountains of Afghanistan. Isolated from familiarity, the seals search for a way to contact their home base but plans take a turn for the worst when they become ambushed.

Outnumbered, the small band of men prepare for a gun-battle against the forces of the terrorist group of the Taliban with little to no chance for survival. All men show the unbreakable bond and resiliency it takes to be a United States NAVY seal and that if united, we cannot fall.

Lone Survivor is a well-rounded action packed thriller that definitely does not disappoint. The film starts off sluggish but the set-up is worth it.

Mark Wahlberg was spot-on with his lead role as Marcus Luttrell but big kudos goes to writer-director Peter Berg for capturing the action, bloodshed, and emotion reflected in the book. His adaptation of Marcus Luttrell’s memoir is super and would not be surprised if the film eventually earns a few accolades for its potency.

For those action seeking junkies, Lone Survivor is the movie to watch and a perfect one to start your year off with. In addition to the barrage and blitzkrieg, the film also pays tribute to the fallen heroes that sacrificed their lives for the actual mission that took place in late June of 2005.

I’m not one to re-watch movies but Lone Survivor is an exception and a good one at that, this movie earns a 5/5 star rating and I say that with the upmost confidence.