Review: Game of Thrones fourth season returns with solid episode

The season four premiere of Game of Thrones was a solid episode that introduced new characters and story lines to keep fans of the show stuck to the television.

The aftermath of the Red Wedding changed everything in Westeros.

Oberyn Martell was a new character that provided viewers more reasons to watch Game of Thrones. Oberyn replaces Doran Martell as his envoy for Jofferey Lannissters wedding.

Oberyn is not there for a good wedding reception, he is out for revenge against what the lannisters did to them in the past. His character is very exciting because he is out for blood.

The hate between both houses is evident and it seems like a no win situation. The Dornish presence will mostly likely bring a lot of bad tensions and moments between them.

Jaime Lannister is trying to adjust to King Landing’s after being prisoner and losing his hand.

His relationship with his sister Cersie Lannister has changed so much. This relationship will be key going into the season.

Joining the wildings in their fight against the Nights Watch are the Thens and new, creepy, bald headed warriors which are also cannibals.

What stood out to most viewers was how Arya is starting to take steps into becoming a killing machine.

Daenary is marching to Westero’s , but on the way she looks to conquer Meeren and free the slaves just like she did for Astapor.

The show was well paced compared to the shows’ other season premieres. The season four premiere introduced many new schemes that fans of the show are accustomed to.