Talon Marks

Talon Marks Spring 2014 Farewell Video

May 21, 2014

A farewell video for out beloved staff of the Spring 2014 semester. Watch as the Talon Marks staff expressed their opinions on...

Review: ‘Neighbors’ is comedy gold

Akeem Ivory, Associate Sports Editor

May 21, 2014

This is comedy gold as some would say. Director Nicholas Stoller brings you Neighbors starring Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as Dad and Mom to a newborn, in a quiet and elderly neighborhood they seem to be content with their lives as newcomers to the parenting game, until one day they notice a moving truck with their new neighbors but little did they...

FSZ: What concerts will you attend this summer?

Katherine Grijalva, Copy Editor

May 21, 2014

1. Gerardo Neri, Psychology major "I want to go to the metal Summer Slaughter Tour this summer, and also my own shows for my band." 2. Juan Reynoso,Philosophy major "I am going to the Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl." 3. Leila Saab, Graphic design major " I would love to see One Direction or Justin Bieber, they are cute!" 4. Maha Samhat,...

Psychology experiment conducted in front of the bookstore

Gustavo Lopez and Zeinab Chahine

May 20, 2014

Cerritos College students assume that when an emergency arises, they will help without hesitation, but as Professor Kimberley Duff's social psychology class demonstrated, not everyone is willing to help a stranger in need. Duff's class was assigned a final group projected in which her students had to apply the psychology applications in the real...

Student enrollment priority changes for fall semester

Joe Zermeno, Staff Writer

May 20, 2014

Students may lose priority enrollment if progress probation guidelines not met. According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, “The value of a college education cannot be argued. Californians holding an associate or bachelor’s degree are likely to earn $1 million more in their lifetime than a person who holds only a high...

The Falcons officially leave the nest

May 20, 2014

And just like that, years of work all culminated in the span of a few hours. Cerritos College bid farewell to all those who...

Uncovering what depression really is

Luis Guzman, Associate News Editor

May 19, 2014

Depression is one of many mental illnesses that affect people all around the world. Antonio Garcia, Business Management major, shared his thoughts on what depression means to him. “Depression is someone who doesn’t have a person to talk to, to give their thoughts too, someone that kind of feels lonely and doesn’t have hope in anything,”...

FSZ: Would you attend your own graduation ceremony?

FSZ: Would you attend your own graduation ceremony?

Alan Leyva, Opinion Editor

May 17, 2014

Eric Hameriz, nursing major "No not really. I wouldn’t walk cause I’m not really getting my AA I'm more interested in transferring.” Kelvin...

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