Music Department will have Guitar Ensemble Concert on May 10

The Cerritos College Music Department will be having their Guitar Ensemble Concert on Saturday, May 10 at 8 p.m. in the Burnight Center Building (BC-51).

The concert will be composed of a variety of genres, such as jazz, classical, to lively and exciting tunes that the audience will enjoy. Guitar ensemble professor, David Isaacs said, “We want to expand peoples minds, so we have a variety of pieces from different time periods.”

Isaacs wants to expand and try to balance pieces that are lively and exciting, but intense in order to expand people’s imaginations when listening to the melodies. Some of the genres that will be performed at the concert include the classical era, modern era, South American, and jazz.

The ensemble has been practicing for this show since January, the beginning of spring semester, to perform an excellent show for their peers, family, friends, and faculty.

Music major John Santamaria said, “We have rehearsals Fridays for two hours to prepare for the concert. I practice for my own music and for my duet for another five hours per week.”

Despite the musicians practicing for countless hours all semester to provide the audience with an extraordinary show, the performance will approximately be one hour long.

Music major Daniel Barajas said, “I love playing guitar because it is a beautiful instrument. It is a way to express myself and create music.”

Although the Cerritos College Guitar Ensemble will have ten performers of their own, Long Beach City College and Cypress College will join along in the concert.

There will be solos, duets, and a trio involved that night. Cerritos College will have four pieces of their own and at the end of the concert, all of the three schools will join together and perform three pieces together.

If you enjoy music and different sounds, come and watch our Cerritos College Guitar Ensemble concert and support their program by your presence and enthusiasm.

Professor Isaacs said, “We will be trilled with anybody who would take the time to want to come and join us and introduce them to music they have never seen play in this fashion.”