Marvel creates an eccentric trip for viewers

Briana Hicks

If I had to imagine what it would be like to go on an acid trip, it would look a lot like the abstract scenes in Doctor Strange.

The movie was great from start to finish, but I couldn’t get over the fact that the effects in the movie were so greatly produced that my mind couldn’t fully grasp what I was observing.

The storytelling aspect of the movie was amazing. I love an egotistical character was taken and made selfless in the end.

Doctor Strange is a movie that isn’t predictable, and to be honest its quite refreshing.

I personally don’t know the background of his story, and I had no idea who he was before I went to go see the movie. All I knew was that his character would introduce magic into the universe of Marvel.

I must say that Marvel did a good job unfolding his story to the audience members who aren’t major comic book fans.

The lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Doctor Strange did a fantastic job. He helps bring the character to life.

I think the under rated character in the movie is the ancient one played by Tilda Swinton.

The trailer clips depict her as the one who introduces magic to Doctor Strange, but in the end there is more to her that meets the eye.

In fact, her role can also be seen as controversial, and a bit confusing to whether she’s the good guy or the bad guy.

I will say that if you don’t pay close attention to the movie, you will quickly get lost to what is happening in the scene.

Even though I opted out of seeing the movie in 3D, I still felt like my head was spinning.

The opening scene is a little confusing, and I didn’t really understand what was happening, but thankfully the storyline answered questions I had from previous scenes.

Behind his storyline is a really great message that I think audience members will enjoy.

Once the movie is over, Marvel plays two clips towards the end that suggest that Doctor Strange will be back for a sequel, but he’ll also be back as a guest star in the member of an Avenger’s movie.

Marvel has definitely created something worthwhile with this character, and I believe that everyone should definitely head over to the theater to watch this movie.