Joyce Manor keeps fans hyped up at the Glass House


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SANTA ANA, CA – APRIL 08: Barry Johnson and Chase Knobbe of Joyce Manor perform during When We Were Young Festival 2017 at The Observatory on April 8, 2017 in Santa Ana, California.

Kianna Znika, Editor in chief

For three consecutive nights at the Glass House in Pomona, Joyce Manor played a set that satisfied indie punk fans, old and new and proved that the group that has been playing for years now is deserving of all the love and attention they’ve been getting recently.

As attendees trickled in on that second, rainy night, they were welcomed into the intimate, dimly-lit-with-color venue that brought people the feeling of experiencing something exciting and new while also feeling a level of comfort that could only come with familiarity.

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The ambiance and chill energy of the space alone would definitely bring anyone back for another show.

Those who wanted to enjoy a live performance without having to participate in the pit were in luck: The Glass House in Pomona was the perfect venue to please all types of fans, providing an open floor, side “bleachers”, a bar and even a large balcony where people could also buy band merchandise.

The show was kicked off by Peach Kelli Pop, the all-girl garage rock band from Canada, and Jeff Rosenstock, the solo indie punk artist from Long Island.

While some did not get to watch the openers live, those that did expressed true appreciation for the music and performances given.

Long-time fans were excited, while others discovered new favorite artists to add to their daily mixes.

However, most of the crowd came for one thing and would wait in anticipation until it arrived: Joyce Manor.

Once the group stepped out, a magnet-like force pulled the crowd toward the stage and in a matter of seconds, Joyce Manor had the full attention of everyone in the room.

Barry Johnson, lead singer and guitarist for the band, opened up by telling the crowd that the first night was fun, but he was expecting this night to be a lot more fun because he was a lot more drunk.

This was followed by applause and audible excitement from the fans.

Johnson’s expectations were truly met. With just the first song, the crowd’s energy heightened and a slightly bigger-than-expected mosh pit came to life in the front-right section near the stage.

The pit itself was lively, exciting, and full of raw, authentic energy. Everyone in there went in with the full intention of having a great time, and even those who have never been in a mosh pit could not resist experiencing it with the cool crowd of people around them.

The band’s set-list including hit songs, such as “Heart Tattoo”, kept attendees hyped up and satisfied for the entire show.

The feeling of leaving a show, wishing for more, was not a reality that Joyce Manor envisioned for their fans.

This is a band that exudes passionate, authentic energy and consistently proves they truly care about music and their fans. Some fans even attend their shows consecutively because they all know one thing:

To go to a Joyce Manor show is to have a great time, guaranteed.