The Best and Worst Super Bowl 2020 Commercials

Baby Peanut Commercial 2020


Photo by Roberto Machado Noa LightRocket via Getty Images

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – 2016/10/12: Mr. Peanut advertisement balloon over Toronto city. Mr. Peanut is the advertising logo and mascot of Planters, an American snack-food company and division of Kraft Foods.

Oscar Torres, Staff Writer

With every Super Bowl game comes the commercials. This year’s 54th Super Bowl spawned some commercials that were both great and not-so-great.

This year there were only a few bad commercials but the majority were better than last year’s and funnier too.

In the Tide Pods commercial, Charlie Day, an actor from the show “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” gets upset that his shirt has been stained and freaks out that he doesn’t know when he’ll have a chance to clean it.

He then appears in many places with cameo appearances from the Bud Light Knight, the judges from the Masked Singer and also shares the screen time with Gal Gadot dressed up as Wonder Woman to promote “Wonder Woman 84.”

This is a really funny and unique idea that commercials should be doing during the Super Bowl: promoting a product while sponsoring other shows and products.

In the Mountain Dew commercial, Bryan Cranston plays Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining”, recreating the “Here’s Johnny” scene with the Mountain Dew twist. It’s both a tribute and a funny gag that takes itself seriously, but instead of killing someone he’s offering Mountain Dew.

In the Cheetos commercial, a businessman gets away from doing any kind of work just because his fingers are covered with the powder of the Cheetos. MC Hammer then pops up singing the song “Can’t Touch This” whenever the businessman gets away with not doing any work.

It’s an okay commercial, though it’s not that funny. It definitely could have been funnier if they went higher with the task that workers want the businessman to do, but on its own, it’s the weakest commercial.

In the Pringles commercial, they got the creators of Rick and Morty to be in it, with Rick explaining that they’re in a Pringles commercial breaking the fourth wall. What this commercial does that many people like is that its weird vibe blends the styles that Rick and Morty are known for having and it’s exactly how the show is.

When many heard the news that Mr. Peanut has been killed off, it lead people being confused and saddened, but when the Big Game commercial aired there’s plenty of reasons why they did what they did.

The Mr. Peanut commercial starts off with a funeral of the mascot with cameos from Mr. Clean and the Kool Aid man mourning the loss of a beloved mascot. Then by the power of Kool Aid man’s tears and the sun, Mr. Peanut is reborn as Baby Nut.

This is trying to capitalize on the success that Baby Yoda got, and frankly it’s terrible. The baby trend doesn’t work for everything. It only serves to being lazy and cheesy now that Disney is doing it with Baby Yoda. The trend should stop before it gets worse.

Lastly, Marvel Studios showed teasers nobody was expecting to see.

Disney/Marvel Studios briefly showed teasers for three of their Disney Plus shows coming later in the year and 2021. The shows are “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Wanda Vision” and “Loki.”

This was one of the best commercials out there, since it was not expected and many individuals were gladly excited to see clips of the show, enticing viewers for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The cost of a 30-second commercial for the Super Bowl is about $5.6 million and with a bunch of people watching the game there’s a lot of ads for it. These commercials typically have more budget in them, including a lot of celebrities joining in and promoting a product.