‘Fall Guys’ Review: Fun but Stressful Experience.


Fall Guys is a battle royale type plat-former published by Devolver Digital and created by MediaTonic. You go against up to 60 people for the chance to win the crown. (Mediatonic and Devolver Digital )

Oscar Torres, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The surprise announcement and release of Fall Guys took the world by storm.

The development of the game started with one of the developers commenting on popular game shows like Takeshi’s Challenge and Wipeout. The team loved those ideas and decided to create a pitch to their higher-ups.

Fall Guys is a battle royale/platformer type game, where you and three other friends have to complete a set number of mini-games in order to win.

At the start of the game, there are 60 other players. The goal is to be one of the first selected number of players to qualify to the next round. Failure to do so would result in an elimination.

There’s a total of four different types of modes spawning a whopping 25 different mini-games for the player to go up against so you might not get the same game every time, which keeps the game varied.

There is also a type of leveling system where the more you level up the more coins, crowns, and outfits you can obtain, going up to level 40. There’s a day counter when the first season ends.

Players can also obtain outfits, patterns, and emotes from the shop. Each game a player can get coins to can spend and crowns to unlock more outfits. If you don’t want to grind for coins or crowns you can always buy them with real money.

More levels and outfits will become available thanks to updates that the developers will release for months to come so many players won’t have to worry about the game being stale, as it’ll have something new and fresh with every update.

The studio has said that only PC and PS4 has the game but are planning to release it for other platforms like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The chaotic nature of the game is what draws players to the challenge. With over 60 players on the same screen, it’ll be pandemonium trying to get to the finish line. Each mini-game is randomized so players will never get the same games each time they play.

It’s also fun with friends, with teamwork benefiting each player, getting them to the end and getting a better chance of collecting the crown at the end.

At times the game can be stressful with many players trying to sabotage each other by either pushing, grabbing, staying in one area to block you, or blocking the path to go forward.

It’s a bit stressful to deal with but as long as the player keeps playing they’ll get the hang of it and makes those stressful things less likely to happen.

Overall the game is an enjoyable experience that is easy to get into but difficult to get to number one.

Talon Marks gives this game a five out of five stars, highly recommended and enjoyable with friends.