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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Ubisoft Forward: Disappointment with a few diamonds in the rough

This is Ubisoft’s 2nd presentation of the year. Here they announced updates regarding current content and newly announced games. Photo credit: Ubisoft

With E3 being canceled this year, many gaming developers took the chance to announce their games in their own presentation. Ubisoft’s second conference this year was titled “Ubisoft Forward.”

The company has been under fire for sexual allegations by its female employees with the CEO addressing the issue mere hours before the presentation.

A game that they announced a year ago was “Immortals Fenyx Rising,” showing off a new look and art style with a trailer showing off what players are getting into. “Rising” is a third-person action-adventure game based on Greek mythology and looks and plays very similarly to Breath of the Wild.

Players won’t have to wait long when the game launches on Dec. 3rd.

The classic Ubisoft series “Prince of Persia” makes a returns with a “Sands of Time” remake that was officially announced after being rumored for a while.

The game features an all-new art-style which is extremely lacking, though it’s alpha footage so they have a few months left until the game comes out.

Jan. 29. is when the remake is released.

More information and a trailer for “Watch Dogs Legion” was announced, showing off just how much freedom the player can have. Having the ability to make almost every person in the city fully playable with his or her own story is certainly a feature players will enjoy.

Players are able to play as the protagonist of the first “Watch Dogs” game, Aiden Pearce, as part of a post-launch DLC. Oct. 29 is when the game will release.

“Riders Republic” is a new IP multiplayer game where the player races and challenges other players in downhill competitions with a variety of vehicles. More information and updates about the game will be shown later in the year, with the game slated for release on Sep. 15.

To be perfectly honest, the conference was just terrible. There were some neat announcements but none that really stood out all that much.

Some announcements like “Riders Republic”, “Immortals Fenex Rising”, and “Watch Dogs Legion” were good to see, showing more interesting trailers to hype up audiences when the games come out.

But even then the majority of the announcements were laughably bad with stuff like “Hyper Scape” and “Rainbow Six Siege” getting updates that don’t do much to excite fans to play them since the updates only catering towards the competitive side or streamer players.

In addition, there was a lot of talking that made the presentation boring to go through. If they do presentations, then it would have been better to do what Nintendo is doing and just show off the games, talk about it for a minute, and then quickly go to the next title.

The “Ubisoft Forward” presentation only had a few good announcements and everything else about it was just plain bad. This has to be one of the worst gaming presentations of 2020, even managing to be far worse than EA’s presentation.

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Oscar Torres, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Oscar Torres is one of the Co-Arts & Entertainment editors here in Cerritos college. He’s been wanting to study journalism since high school and since then he’s been working hard to continue his goal. He enjoys all things entertainment from manga, film, shows/cartoons, music and video games. Oscar hopes to transfer to CSULA to continue his career in journalism in hope of one day working in a news group that he is passionate about or starting his own brand for all things entertainment.
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Ubisoft Forward: Disappointment with a few diamonds in the rough