Cerritos’ hidden gem dessert place


Fatima Durrani

Gobi Ice Cream has delicious and unique flavors with a variety of options for toppings. The flavors displayed in the image (left to right) are coffee, chocolate and strawberry.

Fatima Durrani, Staff Writer

Gobi Ice Cream is one of the most underrated and unique dessert spots in Cerritos because of the techniques they use while handcrafting their ice cream.

Hiding behind a Sleep Number store off South St., Gobi Ice Cream offers delicious flavors crafted from scratch that are rolled into six proportionate rolls.

A skilled employee starts from scratch to create rolled ice cream. The employee begins with a chocolate flavored cream and lets it sit. The employee then churns up the ice cream over a frozen pan before laying it out flat. Lastly, she divides it into six flat layers which will be created into rolls of the flavor based on the customer’s preference. Photo credit: Fatima Durrani

If you’re the type of person who loves trying new things like ice cream, Gobi Ice Cream is there for you.

The magic starts where you pick an option out of the 14 different flavors. The fast-paced employees then craft your dessert to life.

Gobi Ice Cream proves to use fresh products right before your eyes.

It’s recommended to go for the strawberry patch flavor if you’ve been craving a strong, fruitful flavor with the perfect balance of sweetness. The strawberry patch flavor is completely fresh considering they use real strawberries in the process of creating the ice cream rolls.

A hardworking employee will bring out a creamy liquid with your flavor of choice and pour it onto a frozen pan, creating a liquid circle.

The creamy liquid is then converted to a thick consistency before it gets laid out and divided into six sections.

Exterior view of Gobi Ice Cream in the evening. Masks are required indoors. Photo credit: Fatima Durrani

You’ll then see the employee magically transform the flat ice cream into thick and creamy rolls with a beautiful aroma.

Gobi Ice Cream is a family friendly location because it’s extremely entertaining to watch the process of handcrafted ice cream turn into high quality rolls.

The ice cream place offers many unique flavors such as milk based flavors that can be topped with crispy Fruity Pebbles cereal or even a matcha tea blend.

Employees work efficiently to help customers come in and out of the store quickly. Masks are required indoors. Photo credit: Fatima Durrani

At Gobi Ice Cream, there’s pretty much a flavor for everyone, ranging from the taste of bitter coffee to sweet vanilla ice cream.

The atmosphere is a perfect spot to catch up with friends or spend quality time with your family as you indulge yourself into high quality ice cream in the form of rolls.

It’s without a doubt worth every penny since in the experiences of customers people had to share because the portion sizes were heavy.

Gobi Ice Cream is located at 11430 South St. in Cerritos and masks are required for entry.

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in Cerritos or simply have been wanting to try unique, delicious ice cream-Gobi Ice Cream is a perfect match for you!

Gobi Ice Cream opens at 1:30 p.m. everyday and is closed on Mondays. Hours may vary. Call (562)-357-3687 for operating hours. Photo credit: Fatima Durrani