Mortal Injuries: Dislocated Shoulder

Terrel Emerson, Sports Editor

Jeffrey Fischer vs. Brian Nebo


Who: Jeffrey Fischer

What: Dislocated Shoulder

When: 2003

Where: Lakewood High School

How: “I got tackled and he fell on his side with his elbow up so I fell on my ribs. When I hit the ground it just kind of popped out.”

Time Missed: (Multiple Times).

Trainer’s Comments: “It all depends on which sport you play and football is a contact sport where you may need to sit out a little while to ensure your injury heals.”


Who: Brian Nebo

What: Dislocated Shoulder

When: 2016

Where: Cerritos College

How: “I was reaching to swipe down on the ball and the opposing player had the ball with two hands and I swiped with one. Of course with his strength with two hands overpowered my one and it it just popped out.”

Time Missed: 2 weeks.

Trainer’s Comments: “Brian’s case was different because he was in general good health and he played a sport where he could come back rather quickly.”