Mortal Injuries: Runner’s Knee

Terrel Emerson, Sports Editor

Ryan Lopez vs. Elijah Walker


Who: Ryan Lopez

What: Runner’s Knee

When: 2012

Where: Montebello High School

How: “I was a hurdler and I fell and I never sat out so I just had pain in my knee from that point on.”

Time Missed: 8 or 9 months

Trainer’s Comments: “That doesn’t sound like runner’s knee to me. Because runner’s knee is patellar tendonitis. Like did he fall and bruise tissue or cartilage.”


Who: Elijah Walker

What: Runner’s Knee

When: 2015

Where: Long Beach Cabrillo

How: “It started from a MCL sprain, I was trying to recover from it but I started running too early and it never fully recovered.”

Time Missed: Still feels pain to this day.

Trainer’s Comments: “There is no time frame for the recovery of runner’s knee.”