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Dave Ward Technical Director and Designer

Brandon Rodriguez and Brandon Rodriguez

November 7, 2011

Dave Ward, Cerritos College Theater Department Technical Director and Designer, has designed, built and recycled sets for the department, along with instructing the portable entertainment technology classes since 2009. “I have been a part of many of this school's productions. Some are really good and some are not so good, but teaching the students has...

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“Late Night Burnight” auditions draw large crowd

October 25, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button First-time stand-up participant Chloe Tatiana Avila was one of the callback students for improvisation and stand-up c...

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Theater Artist Society Club cancels its Halloween Maze

October 24, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button Cerritos Cerritos will not be seeing gruesome clowns, ghost, or the walking dead this year. The Theater Artist Socie...

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“Do you hear what I hear?” presented by Music Department

October 23, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button The Cerritos College Music Department and the Associated Students of Cerritos College presented "Do You Hear What I H...

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Dance Appreciation

October 18, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button Cerritos College Dance Appreciation with 45 students enrolled in the class this fall semester had three groups of stu...

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Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance puts on Marx in Soho

October 18, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button The Teleconference Center was packed with students to watch the afternoon show of “Marx in Soho,” which was playe...

Choreographer Kelly Todd directing her dancers during a rehearsal. Todd choreographed

Kelly Todd awarded Choreographer of the year

October 17, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button "Return To The Forbidden Planet" choreographer Kelly Todd was awarded a certificate for Choreographer of the Year. ...

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“Forbidden Planet” returns a hit

October 14, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button The Cerritos College Theater department kicked off its fall season with "Return to the Forbidden Planet" gracing the ...

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Theater Club to host halloween maze

October 11, 2011

Pete Moye'News Button A haunting Halloween maze will be rising from the concrete of Cerritos College. The Theater Art Society is having its first...

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Cerritos Theater Dept. journeys to “Forbidden Planet”

October 7, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button "Return to the Forbidden Planet" kicks off the Cerritos College Theater Department's fall 2011 season. Directed by p...

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