Students audition for Romeo and Juliet play at Burnight Theatre

Juan Lopez and Juan Lopez

Auditions for Romeo and Juliet were held Feb. 13 at the Burnight Center Theatre.

Students gathered to audition for roles in the play that will adopt a modernization of Romeo and Juliet.

One such student is Baije Logova, an obstetrics and gynecology major, who has also auditioned for other plays in the past.

Since she found out about the play, “I thought it would be a perfect way for me to get back [into acting] just for fun.

“In reality, I would go for Juliet. But schedule wise, I’m going for any minor role, probably Lady Capulet or the nurse.”

Logova also said that her preparation for an audition is staying focused.

“I usually re-read the lines as much as possible and sometimes practice with my sister,” Logova mentioned.

This is the first time that psychology major Anthony Alvarez is auditioning for a play.

“Since it’s my first time, I wouldn’t mind playing any part.”

He chose to audition because, “It’s a big play, it’s known and has been advertised a lot so I was curious for it.”

Alvarez said he has read over books and took classes in preparing for the audition.

He mentioned that studens should always, “Have to prepare a two minute monologue.”

Undecided major Marysol Ramos heard about the play and thought it was a good idea that it’s going to be modernized.

“Maybe more students can understand Romeo and Juliet’s language because I heard its very complicated type of language.”