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Benny Amesquita a YouTube family man

Benny video #63 on his channel where he posts video games and daily vlogs. Picture credit: Benny Amesquita/YouTube channel: Benny No

Benny Amesquita, 40, is a YouTuber and family man that loves to share his love for sports, video games and family with thousands of people on the internet.

Amesquita started his YouTube channel ‘Benny No’ in 2015 when his friend and YouTuber Bobby Crosby told him he should start one for video games. Both of them are annual season ticket holders for the Los Angeles Dodgers which is how they met.

Amesquita says, “Right from the start I jumped in and I really had no idea what I was doing.”

He gained a massive following when he started as he already had a fan base on his Instagram account and quickly gained 10,000 subscribers on the channel.

He does say, “If you watched my older videos there was very little talking, I played the game horribly because I just didn’t know.”

Over the years he has accumulated 249,000 subscribers on his channel with his gameplay of MLB the show and daily vlogs of his life experiences with his family; mainly with his son Benny whose nickname is “Lumpy.”

“My son loves to play baseball he is at an age now where he is playing good enough to film and put up for you guys to watch.”

He continues to say, “I film his practices and games, whenever we go out and do something and most of the time I film it and share with you the fun we have in our lives.”

His videos range to mainly MLB the Show and are seen playing with his son and friends he has met over the years. But mainly will see his son and him playing together.

He says, “It is awesome, I’m literally filming with what me and my son doing in our spare time and, you know putting it on YouTube so it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like I’m just living my life.”

Continues on, “I’m very fortunate that I have the time to spend it with him.”

In his spare time, he does what any dad would do and spends most of his time with and wife and son. He loves to play golf and go to Dodger games to support his home team.

“My family, my dad was a huge sports fan. So, as a kid, it was natural that I follow the Dodgers.”

Amesquita is a die-hard Dodgers fan and is a fan of all the L.A. teams ranging from when the Raiders first started to play in L.A. all the way to the Lakers and Trojans.

Filming videos does not feel like work to him as only the editing process does when he is done. But he has gotten used to making videos which at times he posts up to three videos a day.

He says, My time is divided, it’s very hard to find time to manage everything, and the work is really in the editing. When filming I just talk how I normally talk and its hard at first but you get used to everything.

Since he has a big fan base with his channel and Instagram he does get recognized whether it be at Dodger games or anywhere else. To him, he loves to say hi to everyone and interact with fans.

“It’s very humbling and it never gets old. I love it when they come up and say hi. Not that I am looking for the attention but it just feels really good when someone says they appreciate watching you.”

He does try his best to interact whether it be talking with his fans in person or trying to answer all the questions on his phone. When he sees someone come up to him he tries to give him his time because it’s special.

With six years of making YouTube, it has been an experience for him, and he believes that’s the beauty of YouTube that you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“The plan is to make as many videos as I can and enjoy, and give as much as I can, you know, as long as I can that’s the plan. I love making videos with my son, like I said I enjoy what I do so as long as I can do it I’m gonna do it.”

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Benny Amesquita a YouTube family man