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Women's History Month | Arpilleras: mujer, Arte y Memoria

March 24, 2022

An exhibition of textiles that capture the real-life events of the 1973 Chilean coup and the Pinochet dictatorship that followed, which lasted into the 1990s. The women who witnessed the instability, violence, and repression of the time chronicled these events through the construction of Arpilleras, narrative textile works made from scraps of fabric. Exposing negative truths about their government during this time would have placed them in great danger, so they created these artworks anonymously in collective underground workshops. The Arpilleras were smuggled out of the country through networks of exiled Chilean women, sold and distributed worldwide. They are credited with helping to show the world the human rights abuses that the regime wished to hide. As you view the Arpilleras, please reflect and hopefully connect with the very significant topic this year during Women's History Month:

Refusing to be silenced!!!!

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