ASCC aims to unify students by ‘Making Waves’

ASCC is looking to choose a theme that would unite Cerritos College, as a whole. The “Making Waves” presentation was an event that occurred Thursday, Feb. 6 that would help Cerritos College go down that road.

Greg Hinkley, Sociology professor at Seattle Central Community College, was brought in from Seattle, Wash. to share his experience with what his college went through, as well as inspire the students at Cerritos College.

Hinkley said, “I think that one of the powerful things were how many students were present, which was great, and to see how hopefully they listened and heard on what was said and were able to decide what they do on campus.

“Integration is so powerful that I give (Cerritos College) an understanding on using previous knowledge with new knowledge, or looking at the different disciplines and the skills and how you use those to make more intentional decisions in your own life.”

Hinkley is also a firm believer on how conveying a certain theme or idea isn’t necessarily what’s important, but how one gets to that point is what matters.

“The message isn’t always the most important thing. Sometimes it’s the process on how you get to that message or outcome.

Hopefully that’s what people took away and how you start developing a process, so that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a social change with water, whether you decide to go with community college or transformation; It’s developing, ‘How do we start identifying processes and intentionally make choices to alter the process if we choose to, as a community,” he said.

Sue Parsons, professor of math and director of the Teacher TRAC, talked about the most important things that the school should have got out of the presentation.

“I am excited and I’m hopeful for the opportunities that gets students, faculty members (and) every one together about coming together around a theme, and how it might manifest itself to really deepen our teaching or learning and our community, both on the campus and within the community,” Parsons said.

Janet Parga, Commissioner of records and informations and Integrated theme taskforce member, talks about one of the main goals of this campaign, “I’m really hopeful that this will help spark and move forward that idea around a theme.

“We want to leave it up for the people voting and what they value the most,” she said.

According to Parga, this is something that will better their community and better the school.

Even if a student does not like the theme, they can have the option of writing one in. The six themes include Connection, Community, Energy, Environment, Food and Transformation.

Submissions are accepted at