Falcon Games will provide fun and entertainment for all

Judy Yip, criminal justice major, is looking forward to competing with other students at the Falcon Games.

The Falcon Games will last three weeks, starting Thursday, April 3. One week will be dedicated to video games, the next week decathalon games and the third week to physical games.

Yip does not know what to expect, due to the fact that this will be the first time that she will be participating in the Falcon Games.

“I heard that there was going to be old school games like racing games and fighting games,” said Yip.

Yip does feel that this event will build up more school spirit for students at Cerritos College.

“This is something that I never really heard of before in the college. I am pretty sure that there is going to be school spirit since a lot of the clubs are participating in it,” she said.

Abner “Ace” Caguioa, English major, was one of the founding members of the Falcon Games.

The architects of the Falcon Games learned from the first time around that it needs to improve structuring and organizing a bit further.

“Planning games is not exactly that easy, especially physical games, you really have to go down the line in terms of safety and in terms of accessibility,” said Caguioa.

The team that put together these Falcon Games wanted a wider range of people to participate.

Caguioa also shares Yip’s way of thinking and that this indeed is another way that students can bond with each other and make their presence felt at Cerritos College.

“It’s really toward camaraderie. It’s basically our mini version of the Olympics. We are not here to just compete against other clubs, but to really bond with these other clubs,” said Caguioa.

Juan Ramirez, Associated Students of Cerritos College president, hopes that the Falcon Games can have the same success they had when the school first tried it out.

Ramirez is hoping that students can simply have fun competing in the Falcon Games as well noticing the different kinds of clubs that the campus has to offer.

“The original concept of the Falcon Games was to come in solidarity and compete amongst each other but without being a form of destructive competition,” said Ramirez.