Student Center debuts new food choices


Gerardo Martinez takes a bite off of his Taco Bell taco. Photo credit: Jennifer Medina

For returning Cerritos College student Melissa Uranga, a sociology major, dining at one of the two new eateries available on campus was an exciting experience.

“The food, overall, was pleasantly good, but at the end of the day, (I) still wished ‘Oh No Tokyo!’ was open due to the price and taste, overall.”

The new food vendor, Fresh and Natural, splits into two new eateries available on campus – One: Bowl and Market Deli and Burdogs Gourmet Eats. They offer similar menu items as the eateries they have replaced.

Both eateries replaced the burger-filled menu of Chicago Harv’s, and the pizza-run menu of Frantone’s. Oh No Tokyo! has yet to be replaced with the new Culinary Arts.

With items offered on its menu, such as a South by Southwest bowl or a Eat-A-Ly bowl, One: Bowl and Market Deli has already caught the eyes of students dining on campus.

“I stopped by (One: Bowl and Market Deli) today because I was really hungry and it seemed to be one of the healthiest option(s) offered here on campus,” said communications major Frank Rodarte.

Biology major Carlos Perez said, “Although the menu is very similar to Oh No Tokyo!, One: Bowl and Market Deli has nothing compared to it. Oh No Tokyo! offered both a teriyaki bowl and a soda for five dollars opposed to here where I got a bowl and a soda for about $8.50.”

Burdogs Gourmet Eats, also offers similar items on its menu as Chicago Harv’s. It offers “gourmet burgers” and “gourmet dogs.”

Ranging from a Western Rider burger (BBQ burger), a Black and Blue burger (a black bean patty with blue cheese burger) and six other burgers all for under $4.75.

As well as The Mob (a jumbo frank or polish sausage accompanied with mustard sauce), Kimchi (a jumbo frank or polish sausage with chopped bacon, kimchi, seaweed and a creamy Sriracha sauce) as well as four other “gourmet dogs.” The gourmet dogs ranging from a $2.95 price to $4.75. The drinks are sold separately.

Medical assistant major Jesus Meillon said he was satisfied overall with his experience at Burdogs Gourmet Eats. “I randomly chose to eat here today and was surprised it was good,” he said. “But, although the price seemed to be very similar to Chicago Harv’s, I would still prefer Chicago Harv’s over this.”

Although the new eateries have already sparked some discussion about its menu, some students still prefer Taco Bell.

Gerardo Martinez, computer science major, said he decided to play it safe for the first day of the semester. “I wanted to play it safe. To be honest, I didn’t know what the other restaurants were since they had no signs up on top.”

Whether he would try either one of the two new eateries Martinez said, “Probably not. One: Bowl and Market Deli doesn’t really look appealing. The wall looks dirty and very plain.”