Board of Trustees | Sept. 3

Gustavo Lopez

“Good evening … it’s a pleasure to have you with us this evening as the two finalists to assist the college in our presidential search,” said Trustee member Robert “Bob” Arthur as he opened the Board of Trustees meeting for Wednesday, Sept. 3.

He welcomed the the final two executive search firms – Community College Search Services and the ELS Group – to assist the board with the search and selection process for the president and superintendent position.

By the end of both presentations, CCSS was chosen as the firm to aid in the search for the individual who will take up the position.

Each group had 10 minutes to present why it would be the best choice for the selection service, followed by 20 minutes to respond to questions by the board members. Both firms were to be asked the same questions after their presentation.

First up was the CCSS with a presentation by Dr. Edward Hernandez, Dr. Eva Conrad and Dr. Frances White.

The presentation began by highlighting facts in the portfolios given to the board members. Hernandez emphasized that the board had to get together both the screening committee and informative forums.

Hernandez also noted the importance of communication between CCSS and the board.

He said, “It is important that the board be given the necessary information, have an opportunity to work with the consultant in a variety of ways.”

He added that it was important that the board give the consulting committee a clear definition of what the role of the consulting service is. The presentation outlined its process for searching for and evaluating candidates.

One the of the questions asked by Board Member John Paul Drayer was “How would your firm serve all the diverse interests of our seven trustee areas?”

Hernandez responded by saying that the role of the client was important to the firm and that it’s important to have a community forum and to have clear communication.

The following presentation, as by the ELS Group by Dr. Edward J. Valeau, Dr. Jesus “Jess” Carreon and Ms. Sallie Savage.

The presentation focused on what other aspects of the candidates, aside from references and reference checks, the board should be made aware of and the need for a personal touch that comes with the community.

The group outlined its methods of promoting its search.

Board member Bob Hughlett asked what would make a CEO in ELS’s own personal experience.

Dr. Jesus Carreon answered, “First you have a CEO that respects every one -Classified staff, managers, faculty and staff, everyone in the community.”

At the end of the presentations and questions, the board voted on which firm to hire. CCSS was eventually chosen.

After voting on several items, there was a presentation by Dr. Gilbert Contreras regarding an update on the bookstore negotiations. He outlined the timeline of the negotiations with Follet Higher Education Group. He spoke on fostering student success and resources.

He spoke about the student committee involved in the negotiations.

Student Trustee Daniel Flores Resendiz expressed concerns about the student involvement in the direct negotiation with Follett.

Ruben Smith, general legal counsel, answered by saying that the student negotiation committee did not have the authority to be directly involved in the negotiations. Smith elaborated that the students in the committee were not part of the administration.

During the public comment section, there were two presentations on the Puente program and Phi Beta Lambda.

There was further discussion regarding the committee that would interview candidates for the president and superintendent spot.

The main concern was whether the outreach was sufficient.

There was a recognition of Police Chief Bukowiecki and to what he did for the campus, updates on bond measures and construction processes.

The Board of Trustees adjourned at midnight. This meeting can be seen on the Cerritos College Livestream channel.