Board of Trustees approve eco-friendly buildings

Jennifer Medina

The Board of Trustees meeting was opened up by giving out two recognitions, the first was the Recognition of Classified Manager of the Year, given to Dr. Adrianna Flores; the second one which was the Recognition of Academic Manager of the Year given to Rachel Mason.

The meeting took place Wednesday, Sept. 17.

Following the recognition was the presentation of the General Obligation program financial plan given by Scott Gorzeman, director of Wells Fargo Security Pubilc Finance, and Andrew Belinfati, vice president.

The presentation covered important factors of the Measure G Bond sale process.

The Board of Trustees also approved the adoption budget.

The design and the development of new facilities around campus were also LEED Certified at the meeting; the building’s setup is environmentally friendly.

Trustee John Paul Drayer said, “I’m so proud that we are able to be green and sustainable and making that a goal for the college and that this could come about.

“This has taken over a year of discussions and possibilities so we can be cost effective to reduce utility cost and save our environment.

“The college green sustainability goal is to be cost effective for any green sustainable program, so it is implied that staff will come back with the most cost effective green sustainability plan.”

With the LEED certification, it seems the college is doing its job in that sense.

Board secretary Maria Perez said, “Cerritos College does plan on being an environmental champion, and I think that this is a great step in that direction knowing that it is going to go a long way.”