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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cutting California with caution

Venture Capitalist, Tim Drapper, has pushed a proposal to divide California into 6 different states in order to save California from collapsing as a state.

Considering the fact that Drapper needs about 800,000 signitures in order to get this proposal on the ballet as soon as November, there is a possibilitiy that this won’t happen.

There is also a slight possibility that Drapper might be given an extension to find his signatures.

If the extension goes through, Drapper would be given up to 2016 to complete his signatures. Which would pretty much garauntee a spot on the ballet.

Even with a spot on the ballet, would this be a beneficial idea?

California has already been often consider as too big a state to be governed, yet nothing has been done in order to solve this issue. Possibly splitting California in order to provide a better state sounds like a decent idea, but is 6 different states really the way to go?

Their are too many issues to be created if congress were to divide California into 6 differnet states. The intentions are indeed good because each state would be closely represented by their government. Not only will Drapper’s proposal only benefit certain parts of California, but Drapper’s home town of Silicon Valley will immediately become the richest state of the newly divided states.

Althougt Drapper denies it, this division is incredibly biased. California already has economic issues and dividing it into several states would only help the areas that have high income such as Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego.

Other rural areas such as Fresno or the Central valley would suffer from an economic struggle.

Drapper is very enthusiastic about his proposal claiming that in the next few years the new states would eventually grow and be the richest of the nation. “All six will be among the richest states in the country,” Drapper says in an interview with an LA Times reporter.

Dividing California puts certain areas at risk of being in an economic crisis.
State Legislation’s would become a massive issues as well.

All of our laws would need to be placed on the ballot again in order for the new states to be properly represented. That would mean taking a couple steps back in a growing nation with the possibility of getting laws such as Homosexual marraige abolished in certain areas.

New laws also mean new state standards in terms of academics and funding for certain programs.

The possibility of Drapper getting his signitures in time is doubtful, but it is still possible because most people won’t even take the time to do research of the situation.

We as Cerritos College students currently reside in an area of California that would most likely benefit off of this proposal, but if you plan on going to school upstate after this propsal is successfull, be ready to pay extra money because you will be attending a newly out of state college.

California is also dealing with issues of water appropriation.

How will the six new states be able to solve this issue appropriately?

Drapper is simply relying on the new states to solve it themselves. “Six states can have compacts between each other with regard to water and all these other issues.”

Drapper wants to seperate the states so that we feel more at one with their
government, but is willing to leave the states with the difficult issues to solve on their own.

If Drapper gets his extension the bill will most likely end up on the ballot and can eventually become a reality because many people will sign something they virtually know nothing about.

Inform yourself of what you may be signing before you sign it.

California is a big state to govern and splitting the state in half or in thirds can possibly help, but not only is Drapper’s proposal of splitting the state into six different states a poorly planned idea, it leaves room for many problems that each state will have to solve on their own.

Take the time to learn about a proposal before you help and put in on a ballot because it may help avoid a catastrophic idea such as this.

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Cutting California with caution