Safety should be important to everyone

For the past few semesters, it seems like crimes have been increasing on campus, and this is something that should concern everyone.

There’s only so much the campus police and outside law enforcement can do to protect students, this is why all students or anyone on campus should take their own safety into their own hands as a means to decrease the chances of becoming a victim.

It’s ridiculous to have to feel vulnerable when walking to the parking lot at night or when you’re seemingly alone in a certain area on campus, but it should not deter you from trying to live your life.

One simple thing students should do is not to shrug off the campus police posters that appear after a crime has occurred. They are there to make you aware of what’s going on and have tips on how to protect yourself.

From the year 2010 through 2012, there was only one ‘forcible’ sex offense on campus, but that does not mean it was definitely the only one. The reports only show the crimes that have been reported, it’s does not show the crimes that are not reported by students.

One can only guess how many people have not reported a crime that has happened. If something happens to you on campus, report it immediately no matter what.

Thinking that you’ll never be a victim of any crime is not a smart way to think, especially in these times when it’s becoming a common occurrence to see emergency alerts on campus doors.

Don’t forget to subscribe to campus emergency alerts through the website:

It’s better to be safe and take precautions. Everyone should be cautious no matter what and should encourage others to do the same. It would not hurt to Google information on how to decrease the chances of becoming a victim. Knowledge is better than ignorance when it comes to your own well-being.