Final home game ends in victory

A late surge by Bakersfield College
proves fruitless, as a dynamic team effort from the Cerritos College
football team earned it a 42-24 victory in its final home contest of
the season Saturday, Nov. 2.

With Bakersfield College being the State Champions from last season, the game entailed higher expectations from the play of Cerritos College as there was more of a fire and motivation tied to this game.

Safety Stanley Taylor said, “(Bakersfield College) was pretty solid. (It) ran the ball pretty (well). (The team) has a good running back and good footwork.”

It was evident that it got heated, as the conclusion of the game saw one of the Bakersfield College players try to spit on one of the Cerritos College players.

“There was a little mouth-to-mouth,” Taylor said. “It happens.”

Some words were exchanged, but the situation was quickly handled by the coaching and athletic staff.

The game was off to a quick start as both teams were quick from the get-go.

“Cerritos (College) is tough,” Steve Adams, father of Bakersfield College quarterback Cruise Adams, said. “(Bakersfield College) is rebuilding this year; a lot of players left and moved on. Some players are hurting, so Cerritos (College) should come strong, especially at home.”

Cerritos College won the coin toss to earn the first possession of the game. The advantage quickly earned the team a flurry of yardage as the team gained a first-down at the 20 yard line to open off the game.

No later than that was there a Cerritos College touchdown from running back Domonique Small at the 12:25 mark courtesy of a wild pass by quarterback Cody Clements, which got the football team an early 6-0 advantage.

Wide receiver Ricky Carrigan Jr. notched a touchdown of his own at the 3:33 mark of the game as Bakersfield College was slow to react to the assaulting offense of Cerritos College.

“Basically, just nothing but running and good passing,” place kicker Francisco Condado said in reference to the keys of the game. “We were just ready.”

There was more of the same during the second quarter as running back Elijhaa Penny charged for the touchdown at the 12:10 mark. The attack was relentless from the Falcons as they didn’t lower the tenacity against a whimpering defense.

Bakersfield College finally responded with a touchdown of its own by tight end Thomas Hearn, which cut the gap for the team at 21-7, however Clements responded with a running touchdown of his own at the end of the second quarter.

“(Bakersfield College) didn’t come out as strong as we expected, but (it) was still a challenge,” Condado said. “I’m pretty happy about our win.”

Coming out of halftime with a score of 28-7, running back Preston Hodges reduced the gap even further for Bakersfield College, making the score 28-14.

The players were quickly getting vocal; talking trash and getting physical, at one point, corner back Willie Fletcher for Cerritos College ran over the opposing defensive player with force.

Long side Victor Pinedo said, “The victory pretty much came from the quarterbacks. Overall our passing game, our offensive line; we were amazing. It was a balanced game.”

The Falcons quickly opened the fourth quarter with another touchdown by Penny, making the score 35-14.

Bakersfield College rallied at the end of the game, disturbing some of the Falcons’ flow, but a combined effort on both offense and defense proved too much.

College of the Canyons is up next for Cerritos College as that will be an away conference contest Saturday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m., and Taylor said that the team could be competitive unlike previous encounters.

“College of the Canyons turned it around this year. They’re balling pretty (well). It should be a pretty good game.”