Cerritos College athlete Randy Baldwin juggles multiple sports


Randy Baldwin practices for swimming, even though he is also a diver. According to diving head coach Glen Myer, Baldwin is a much improved diver. Photo credit: Luis Guzman

Some athletes can only handle one sport but there are people like Randy Baldwin, who can juggle many collegiate responsibilities.

Baldwin is currently involved with the swimming, diving and water polo team for Cerritos College.

Baldwin’s routine starts the day off with a morning practice with the swimming team and then he goes straight to class.

From there he goes out to dive and then goes onto another swim practice.

“It’s busy but I like it because it keeps me busy,” Baldwin said. “I don’t really have much free time, but it’s nice because I’m learning and I’m staying in shape.”

Baldwin started playing water polo in his freshman year of high school and is currently been doing it for six years.

Baldwin started diving for fun when he was in high school and has been competing for Cerritos College starting this year.

“I’ve become the captain of the (water polo team), it helped me learn a lot of leadership skills and to just work as a team to achieve our goals,” Baldwin said.

He has been coming to Cerritos College for three semesters, with his first semester starting in the Spring of 2013.

After he is done with school, he is aspiring to be a computer engineer.

His accomplishments include being named 1st Team All-South Coast, 3rd Team All-CIF, voted the swimming team’s Athlete of the Year as a senior and earned all-league recognition in his junior and sophmore years.

Baldwin is hoping to study at Cal State Long Beach, where his dad went to study, as a computer engineering major. There he is hoping to tryout for the swim team and the water polo team as well.

Other than competing for the swimming team, water polo team and diving team; he is very passionate about learning, especially with his pursuit of higher education.

He likes to work with computers and make video games with his friend.

Fernando Lua, a fellow swimmer and water polo player said, “Randy is that type of dude, you put him into a sport and he’s great at it.”

“Randy is a fun guy, he is (always energetic) and he always wants to do something. You are never bored when you are around Randy.”

Glen Myer, diving coach for the Cerritos College said, “He is a gifted water polo player, he’s a pretty good swimmer, but when it comes to diving he’s just a real natural athlete because he’s got really good coordination and a great sense of awareness.”

He is the only person that is actually doing both swimming and water polo at Cerritos College.

“Randy is a real mild-mannered guy; Superman comes to mind. He is very polite, he’s very respectable and he is very tough,” Myer said.