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Monyca Cedillo Bravo

Monyca Cedillo Bravo, Staff Writer

My name is Monyca Cedillo Bravo. I am 22 years. I am the second oldest of eight siblings. My family is the most important for me. I am Mexican-american and feel very proud of my roots. I understand both English and Spanish. I want to become a  journalist. I was a volunteer in an organization called “Coalicion Latinoamericana” and  sometimes I went to a “Rescue Mission Center” to help to serve food to people in need. I volunteer in others organizations too. I like to be involved in community service because I feel it is the right to do.  I like to listen music and read books. My favorite books are  ” PS: I LOVE YOU" "PRIDE AND PREJUDICE” and "VOLAR SOBRE EL PANTANO."  My favorite band is ONE DIRECTION and when I hear their music it makes me feel free. I like to take walks on the beach to relax and think about things. You can found me on Twitter: @Mony_Cedi and Instagram: mony_moninis

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Monyca Cedillo Bravo