Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

sean davis

Sean Davis, Editor in Chief

Sean Davis is the Editor in Chief of Talon Marks for the Spring 2021 semester. He has been Managing, News, and Opinion editor at various points in his time with the paper. A Journalism major, Sean is aiming to complete his B.A. and eventually report on international affairs, conflicts and civil unrest, as well as the intersection of climate change and societal change. Sean is a history lover and politics junkie that is both eminently disturbed by the present and cautiously hopeful for the future.

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Since closing most facilities on campus in March, Cerritos College has reported a number of positive cases. President Fierro has announced a 50% reopening in the fall 2021 semester. Photo credit: Edgar Mendoza

Cerritos College students & staff deserve transparency and a say in return to campus

May 20, 2021
While many are excited by a (partial) return to campus in the fall, students and staff should hold the primary decision making power on the plans to reopen.
A demonstrator protesting the police killing of Andrew Brown Jr. raise their hands in front of a police line Tuesday, April 27, 2021, in downtown Elizabeth City. At least six protesters were arrested when police in riot gear marched toward roughly a dozen protesters two hours past curfew. Protesters were peaceful but refused to clear the streets.

New anti-protest laws expose GOP’s alarming campaign against democracy

April 29, 2021
The Republican Party is using their own political violence to crack down on anti-police and anti-racist protests in a brazen attempt to silence dissent. Shocking, right?
An antifascist sticker left by antiracist protesters in opposition to the white supremacist protest. Some right-wing agitators came to Huntington Beach sporting Nazi imagery tattoos on April 11, 2021.

[Photo] Counter-protesters prevent KKK organized “White Lives Matter” rally in Huntington Beach

April 12, 2021

An antifascist sticker left by antiracist protesters in opposition to the white supremacist protest. Some right-wing agitators came to Huntington Beach sporting Nazi imagery tattoos on April 11, 2021.

Growing food locally may be the best alternative to corporate-created, segregated food deserts. This garden in New York shows the beauty of a community in action. Photo credit: Jim.henderson

A bloom in the desert: community gardening is an alternative to “food deserts”

April 8, 2021
Impoverished communities are plagued by unhealthy food options and lack readily available healthy options. Local food production could feed and empower these neighborhoods instead of enriching agribusiness giants.
Trans-athlete should have the right to compete as the gender they choose. Politicians and athletes try to pass laws discriminating against the LGBTQ community when their argument has no scientific basis. Photo credit: Mfhelms

Transathletes have the right to compete as the gender they choose

April 1, 2021
Athletes and politicians have advocated for discriminatory rules that prohibit trans-athletes from competing as the gender they choose when there is no scientific basis for their argument.
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X waiting for press conference. People celebrate King while denigrating X but both held radical visions for a different America.

Black (Radical) History: revive the deeper, hidden legacy of Black activism

February 11, 2021
Black history isn't a simple story of pacifistic individuals gently asking for change. Even the most famous of Civil Rights figures were more radical than we are taught to believe.
Shown here is the Parler logo. A District Court judge in Seattle ruled that Amazon’s cloud-computing division was within its rights to boot Parler from its servers. Judge Barbara Rothstein opined that forcing Amazon to get Parler back online goes against the public interest, given “the kind of abusive, violent content at issue in this case, particularly in light of the recent riots at the U.S. Capitol.” Photo credit: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/TNS

Biden’s election won’t solve our social media driven division

January 21, 2021
With the end of the Trump presidency, we are now fully aware of the power of social media to shape public perception. Without big changes, this issue isn't going away.
The Biden presidency presents opportunity for a bolder vision of the world. Inconvenience is necessary, if not mandatory.

Out with the old, in with the old: 2021 is the year for a change of pace

January 14, 2021
Joe Biden's presidency presents opportunities for the bold. Can the young American left force the country to move in a better direction?
Don DeLillo is one of the most influential authors in modern American literature. The Silence is his first book in four years.

‘The Silence’ shows what a tech apocalypse may hold for our obsessive civilization

December 2, 2020

‘The Silence’ is a novella by renowned novelist Don DeLillo that turns a keen eye on the human brain hooked on technology. A quick 117-page read, DeLillo’s depiction of shock and adjustment to a...

Joe Biden is the newest 2020 elected president of the United States. It was a tight race between Biden and Trump Photo credit: stingrayschuller on Flickr.com

Biden’s win won’t change the world, we will

November 13, 2020
Despite Biden's campaign being a success, voters should continue to push for change and hold those in office accountable
Prop 22: dont give Uber and Lyft a free ride to screw workers

Prop 22: don’t give Uber and Lyft a free ride to screw workers

October 23, 2020
Companies like Uber and Lyft have put hundreds of millions of dollars behind Prop 22 to convince Californians that they don't have to pay their employees the minimum wage or provide them health insurance.
Prop 20: fear-mongering to boost corporate retail profits

Prop 20: fear-mongering to boost corporate retail profits

October 23, 2020
Funded by police unions and supermarkets, Prop 20 seeks to increase penalties for low-level crimes while using violent crime as a voter scare tactic.
Joe Biden is currently running for the 2020 Presidential election. Bidens pick for VP is Senator Kamala Harris. Photo credit: The Review Univ. of Delaware on Flickr.com

Talon Marks endorses Joe Biden for president

October 16, 2020
With election day on the horizon, voters are faced with two polarizing perspectives on the future of this country. God help us all.
A lone firefighter battles a raging inferno. As of Sept. 11, over 3000 homes have been lost, with billions in damages.

PG&E: Profit, Greed and Evil

September 11, 2020
It's time for the power company giant, to share that power with the people. Battling climate change and democratizing energy are interconnected struggles.
In order for change to be made, protestors need to be heard without police beating down on them for speaking up. Photo credit: needpix.com

Protests against police brutality have sparked a wave of police and white supremacist brutality

September 4, 2020
The police continue to murder and beat people. White supremacists are attacking protesters in the streets. Is it any surprise that the nation's blood is boiling?
Near bridge of Orchy on the West Highland Way, you pass this beautiful loch heading to General Wades road and across Rannoch Moor. 

The West Highland Way is a 96-mile walk and on my bucket list to do for many years. During the walk I was reminded of a George Orwell quote - The English are not happy unless they are miserable, the Irish are not at peace unless they are at war, and the Scots are not at home unless they are abroad.

Flickr: Photo by David Munro

We can’t just let our dreams be dreams!

May 17, 2020
While a utopia may be an unachievable goal, imagining one can be a powerful tool to wield in the face of dystopian reality.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during a news briefing on the coronavirus pandemic along with members of the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Friday, March 27, 2020.

California Community Colleges sue Betsy Devos over student relief aid restrictions

May 17, 2020
The suit claims the Department of Education unconstitutionally excludes undocumented students and others unable to receive federal financial aid.
The May 6th Board of Trustees meeting saw a lengthy discussion on the options for the Fall 2020 semester. The Board agreed to keep the school online for the health and safety reasons.

Cerritos will continue online learning into the fall semester

May 10, 2020
The decision will keep all lecture classes online but exempt certain laboratory classes.
Donald Mueller, newly appointed CCPD captain. Captain Mueller will take on multiple responsibilities, including coordinating day to day activities of patrols around campus.

Donald Mueller, former LASD lieutenant, named as new Cerritos College PD captain

April 26, 2020

Cerritos College has announced Donald Mueller as the new Cerritos College Police Department captain, effective April 21. Mueller, a recently retired Los Angeles County Sheriff lieutenant, has 30 years...

Protesters gather to protest Pennsylvanias social distancing protocols. Protests like this have popped up across the country.

The COVID protests are just an extension of right-wing climate denial

April 26, 2020
Conservatives' refusal to face facts is rooted in cynical culture politics and economic supremacy.
The flag should never be displayed with union down, except as a signal of dire
distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property - US Flag Code Photo credit: Public Domain

COVID puts ‘America the exceptional’ to the test… and it’s failing miserably

April 19, 2020

Many Americans have been taught their whole lives that the United States is an exceptionally-good, powerful and capable country. The COVID-19 pandemic is yet another arrow that can pop that notion’s...

The Cerritos Cares webpage has many resources students might want during this crisis. The site is open to current and prospective students who might need a helping hand.

[Photo] Cerritos releases a “one-stop” shop for emergency resources during COVID-19

April 12, 2020

The Cerritos Cares webpage has many resources students might want during this crisis. The site is open to current and prospective students who might need a helping hand.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused another crisis for tenants unable to pay rent. Communities across the country and the world are coming together to refuse being extorted by landlords. Photo credit: Caroline Medina

Rent Strike!: Demand a rent freeze for the duration of this crisis (and long after)

April 12, 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic has caused another crisis for tenants unable to pay rent. Communities across the country and the world are coming together to refuse being extorted by landlords.
A woman at the Womens March holds Medicare for all sign while marching on Market street in downtown San Francisco. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Coronavirus is a wake-up call: Americans need Medicare for All

April 10, 2020
Millions uninsured and the millions more maybe joining them deserve an answer: why can't they go to the hospital without going broke?

Talon Marks TV Episode 3

March 11, 2020

TalonMarks TV is a webcast news roundup for the Cerritos College student-run newspaper.

Cerritos College to hold forum on vehicle storage lot

March 6, 2020

Cerritos College will hold a public forum for community members to discuss the college’s ongoing attempts to convert property at 166th Street and Studebaker Road into an automobile storage facility. The...

Feb. 26, 2020 – Page 2

February 26, 2020

Feel the Bern: Vote Bernie 2020

Feel the Bern: Vote Bernie 2020

February 26, 2020

We, the Editorial Board at Talon Marks newspaper, are proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President. Sanders is no stranger to standing up for what he believes is right for the American people, in 1964...

The panel shared struggles and victories on their lifepaths to their Cerritos College careers. Each panelist shared similarities and differences in their APIDA experiences as children and adults. Photo credit: Sean Davis

Faculty highlight their cultural experiences at APIDA week panel

February 6, 2020

Stories of resilience and diversity were shared by six Cerritos College faculty members for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Awareness Week. This collection of Cerritos professors, advisors, and...

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 18: Signs of actress actress Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia are seen at the 4th Annual Womens March LA: Women Rising at Pershing Square on January 18, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

2020 LA Women’s March draws smaller but energized crowd

February 6, 2020

The fourth annual Women’s March took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles this Saturday in a show of solidarity and support for women’s causes across the country. The inaugural Women’s March...

Feb. 5, 2020 – Page 2

February 5, 2020

Caucasian man with ski mask stealing a car at night.

Property theft tops reported crimes of 2019, says Chief Gallivan

January 23, 2020

Cerritos College Police Chief Tom Gallivan presented the 2019 crime statistics in his general campus safety report to the Board of Trustees, stating that “theft of unattended property continues to be...

The Cerritos College Campus Police presented their Campus Safety Update for Jan. 2020 at the Regular Board meeting on Jan. 15. During the presentation, Chief Tom Gallivan discussed the features of the new RAVE Guardian app which is expected to come to campus later in the semester. The app will include features such as emergency call buttons and monitored safe walks. Photo credit: Kianna Znika

New campus safety app to hit Cerritos College

January 22, 2020

Cerritos College has signed a contract to implement the RAVE Guardian personal safety app by the end of the spring 2020 semester. This app, produced by the same company that provides the RAVE Alert...

America has failed Generation Z

America has failed Generation Z

December 20, 2019

The world feels like it’s in a tailspin, with younger generations grasping onto whatever hope they can, ultimately knowing that it is fruitless and there is no hope if the country doesn’t get its shit...

Johanna Druckers presentation on books as art  at the Long Beach Museum of Arts exhibit leads to questioning about reading in a world of technology. The presentation was held on Dec. 6, 2019.

Books as art at the Long Beach Art Museum

December 12, 2019

Accomplished book artist and professor at UCLA Johanna Drucker’s engaging and detailed lecture titled Artists and Books: What Is Happening Now? tracks the past, present, and future of book art. The...

An Arthur Miller classic is performed the Burnight Center Theatre and directed by Brandt Reiter. The play will continue on until Dec. 15, 2019. Photo credit: Theatre/Film Department

“All My Sons”points fingers and demands answers

December 11, 2019

The Cerritos College Theater department’s production of "All My Sons" is a wonderful success. This play, first performed in 1947, is relevant and farsighted in its exploration of the consequences...

Quarterback prepares with the offensive line in front before the ball is snapped. The Falcons run drills before the homecoming game on Nov. 2, 2019.

Falcons miss out on playoffs with loss to Mt. Sac Mounties

November 6, 2019

The Cerritos College Falcons football team lost a tough homecoming game versus the Mount Sac Mounties, failing to make the playoffs with a 1-2 conference record. The Mounties opened the game quickly,...

Fire doesnt discriminate, wealth does

Fire doesn’t discriminate, wealth does

November 5, 2019

California is seeing its first snow, in the form of ash and soot. The wildfires we are facing are a result of corporate greed as well as lack of resources , and unless we fight for change, we will soon...

Running: Sophomore wide receiver CJ Parks No. 5 had a standout performance, breaking the 50 year old pass reception record with 13 catches. His two touchdown catches help push the Falcons over the finish line Oct. 19, 2019.

Falcons Defeat Hornets 45-42 In A pressure-filled Showdown

October 23, 2019

An exciting game highlighting the Falcons passing prowess saw Cerritos College defeat Fullerton College in a 45-42 stunner. Sophomore wide receiver C.J. Parks broke a pass reception record held for fifty...

This Trump shit will get everyone killed

This Trump shit will get everyone killed

October 22, 2019

Donald Trump’s decision to pull United States military support for the Kurdish YPG/J forces and the autonomous zone of Rojava is a humanitarian and military crisis strictly of his own making. Every...

Defender Jorge Cardona, 18, pressures the ELAC defense. The Cerritos offense controlled the flow of the game with nine shots on goal to the ELAC one.

[Photo] Men’s Soccer: Falcons power through a close game with ELAC

October 17, 2019

Defender Jorge Cardona, 18, pressures the ELAC defense. The Cerritos offense controlled the flow of the game with nine shots on goal to the ELAC one.

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