FSZ: What concerts will you attend this summer?

1. Gerardo Neri, Psychology major
“I want to go to the metal Summer Slaughter Tour this summer, and also my own shows for my band.”

2. Juan Reynoso,Philosophy major
“I am going to the Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.”

3. Leila Saab, Graphic design major
” I would love to see One Direction or Justin Bieber, they are cute!”

4. Maha Samhat, Nursing major
” Drake, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus. Oh and I would like to see Beyonce and Jay-Z in the ‘On The Run’ Tour”

5.Chris Valadez, Engineering major
” I might go with a friend to Hard Summer. I love the music and the beats, It will be my first time.”

6. Stephanie Pulido, Child development major
“Somebody bought tickets for me for the ‘On The Run’ Tour. I’m not really crazy for Jay-Z and Beyonce but my friend asked me to go with her so I’m going.”