Talon Marks

Free Speech Zone: How do you feel about Pornhub possibly buying Tumblr?

Derrick Coleman, Edgar Mendoza, and Quinae Austin

May 14, 2019

Nae Galloway, Sociology major "I'm shook, because if they buy it they're going to have to do a lot monitoring and because kids use it also." D.J., Undecided "Nothing really changes, it’s the same to me." Dante Murrow, Undecided "My prayers have been answered." Saul Serafin, Undecided "Considering I only heard about...

Photo credit: Sofia Gallegos

Porn-dogs need to leave children alone

May 14, 2019

Pornhub’s performative “wokeness” with saving the bees, planting trees or whatever the fuck and possibly buying Tumblr,...

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