Free Speech Zone: How do you feel about Pornhub possibly buying Tumblr?

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Nae Galloway Sociology major Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Nae Galloway, Sociology major

“I’m shook, because if they buy it they’re going to have to do a lot monitoring and because kids use it also.”


D J Undecided Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

D.J., Undecided

“Nothing really changes, it’s the same to me.”


Dante Murrow Undecided Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Dante Murrow, Undecided

“My prayers have been answered.”


Saul Serafin Undecided Photo credit: Derrick Coleman

Saul Serafin, Undecided

“Considering I only heard about it now, I say it’s not affecting as many people as it should because I would have heard about it. So it doesn’t matter.”

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