Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ May 9, 2012

Global Village - Alexandra Scovill (Audio) : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Global Village – Alexandra Scovill (Audio) : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

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Hosts Lucia Sarabia and Tito Benavides for Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ on WPMD.org Cerritos College Radio.

Today is May 9th , 2012. Welcome to the 16th and final edition of Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester. Bringing you news and information campus wide.

I’m your host Tito Benavides

And I’m Lucia Sarabia

Good Morning Falcons!


In desperate need of more than a face lift, a new Fine Arts building is set to stand in the year 2016. With new technologies making new demands on the technological grids, a new building with updated electrical and internet capabilities, a new building to serve the needs and demands of the Fine Arts department, Including a new Journalism department as well as the new home of the Television and Radio Department, including WPMD.org.
Staff writer Jose Ruiz reporting.


With a soon to be expired lease between Cerritos College and Frantone’s pizza and spaghetti villa coupled with a campus wide hunger for a change to a more nutritious bill of fare at the food court at the Student Center, Frantone’s has a choice of updating their menu to more healthful choices or losing their lease to a looming Subway sandwich shop possibly by this summer. Staff writer Tania Olivas reporting.


This weeks Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour In Studio Interview’ welcomes the Pharmacy Club with Club Member Kristen Felix. The Pharmacy Club is very active in the community with participation in local pharmacies and hospitals. This day finds the Pharmacy Club selling sweet and succulent treats in falcon square as a fund raiser for their future projects. Hosts Tito Benavides and Lucia Sarabia delve into the world of those who heal the masses.


With the goal of accelerating scholastic success, the state of California is cutting students ability to repeat certain classes compelling students to focus on an actual plan of completion in their student careers. Editor in Chief Vic Diaz brings the details of this new mandate so students here at Cerritos College will know what new limitations are coming in the fall, 2013.


The sense senses of the students of Cerritos College were invited to travel the world at Falcon Square with the celebration of the diversity of humanity with the ‘Global Village Event’ held by the International Student Association. Staff Writer Alexandra Scovill visits many information booths representing different lands with presentations of their own histories and facts about variances of the peoples of their countries.


The Mens Tennis team’s season has come to an end by being defeated by El Camino College, thus snuffing out their chance to compete at the state finals at San Diego Meza this weekend. Opinion Editor John Gonzales reporting.


The democratic process continues as the new ASCC President and Vice President for the 2012-2013 chapter of Cerritos College were sworn in. President Elect Lance Makinano and Vice President Elect Aldo Lopez prepare to realize their visions for Cerritos College during their terms in office. News Editor Enrique Rivera reporting.


The final Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ Editorial brings attention to the serious event the occurred on April 16th and 17th at the Cerritos College Theater Department involving an armed disgruntled cast-member. With a lack of detailed information from those present at this dangerous incident, Talon Marks, the official student run newspaper here on campus, had a difficult time amassing crucial information about this dangerous circumstance from those involved in the Theater Department. The duty of Talon Marks is to provide said information to the student body at large. ‘Campus News Hour’ Director Tito Benavides reads this weeks Talon Marks Editorial.

This has been the 16th and final installment of Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester of 2012 here on WPMD.org on the net. We Thank you for listening and would like to remind you to pick up the final printed edition of the semester of ‘Talon Marks’ at news racks located throughout the campus, while they last.

We would also like to invite you to log onto ‘Talonmarks.com’ for the latest in breaking news here at Cerritos College.

On behalf of the Talon Marks news staff, I’m Campus News Hour Director Tito Benavides-Thank You Everybody and Talon Marks especially Alecia Enquist and of course Professor Rich Cameron for believing in the glorious evolution of Talon Marks and WPMD through the application and realization of good ideas resulting what I consider my baby; Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour.’ And Professor Craig Breite, Casey Piotrowski, and Dennis Clare of the one and only WPMD.org The Voice of Cerritos College.

And I’m Managing and Multimedia Editor Lucia Sarabia

Have a Great Day Falcons!