Review: ‘That Awkward Moment’ is a fresh take on romance

Hey girls, guys eat ice cream when they are depressed too. “That Awkward Moment” is such a refreshing movie that it will make your heart beat fast, your eyes swell up with tears, and don’t forget that pain in your side when you laugh a lot.

This movie has it all, it’s pretty obvious that girls will rush to movie theaters to see Zac Efron alone, but this movie has more to offer than just Efron’s abs.

“That Awkward Moment” follows the lives of three best friends from college. It stars, Miles Teller as Daniel, Michael B. Jordan as Mikey, and of course, Efron as Jason.

These three actors were the perfect choice for this movie, their chemistry was amazing.

Within the first 20 minutes of the movie, you will already be hooked on the characters lives. It’s like you’re right there on the actual streets of New York.

Even though this movie is from the guy’s point of view, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a pick for girls’ night.

Mikey has just received notice from his wife that she wants a divorce, after learning she’s been having an affair with her lawyer.

What makes you really feel for Mikey, is knowing he finds out about the affair and the divorce at the same time, and the lawyer is the one handling the divorce.

After seeing this scene you will already be crushed, and probably confused. Later, however, the audience finds out the couple married at 23, this relationship gives some perspective on the idea of young love.

When his two best buds Jason and Daniel find out about this they decide to make a bet that none of them will settle down and be in a relationship, they choose however to build up their roster.

A roster is described in the movie as a list of girls that a guy has that he wants to sleep with, this list is supposed to be continually updated and changing.

Usually the guy will kick a girl off the roster once the “so” moment happens, the “so” moment is when a girl says “So… where is this thing going” or something similar.

Great, this is the point in the movie where a girl may wonder “am I a member of some guy’s roster?” Well, don’t fret girls, because these guys soon figure out that having a roster isn’t exactly all they thought that it would be.

It’s tough to watch Jason and Daniel fall into love while their friend is falling out of it, but that’s what makes this movie so great.

How often does an audience get to sit and watch the guy chase the girl, or watch a man cry while eating Ben and Jerry’s and drinking whiskey on the couch?

What will be most memorable about this movie are the surprising touching moments. Although at first glance of the trailer or poster you would think it would be nothing but funny awkward moments.

Don’t get discouraged though because there are plenty of those scenes, some are even completely unexpected, but it will surely give off the awkward vibe the movie is going for.

These friends have such a great bond, and watching them come to the realization that they are hooked on the girls that they once thought was just a chick at a bar that they were trying to pick up, or the friend that was always meant to be more is just awesome.

There’s really no other way to describe this movie, the way you feel walking out is indescribable because it’s real. It’s love. It’s life. You’re watching the feelings you’ve dreamed of come to life, and it makes one think that love is really out there and that guys are serious about it.

Just when a girl gets mad about the guy calling back, it’s just his idiot friends taking his phone away or he’s scared to act like he likes that girl. In another perspective. Guys tend to act different when they are around their other guy friends.

They have feelings too, they get scared sometimes, they pull away when they feel like they’re getting into a deep relationship. There it is, this should be a relief to not just girls but guys too.

Everyone gets scared whether it be a male or female, no matter what kind of relationship they are in things are going to come up that may cause them to be insecure or get scared.

Don’t go and assume all guys are jerks because one stood you up, or that all girls are jerks because she didn’t call you back or bailed on a date.

Things happen and this movie proves that sometimes we let our mind run wild with thoughts about what actually happened, the real reason behind a call not returned almost never crosses our minds.

Learn from this movie, embrace what it’s trying to teach this generation and have fun, be young and when the time is right fall in love.

“That Awkward Moment” is by far one of the best romantic , realistic comedies ever. Sure there are those classics, but for the modern age it is a must see movie.