Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Greenleaf Productions Creates the Ultimate Experience

Sabino Sanchez, creator of Greenleaf, makes his shows available for all sounds and people
Rebecca Aguila
Sabino Sanchez, 29, sets up his microphones into his sound board before the first band performs

Greenleaf productions started making its way around the scene as of last year. Sabino Sanchez, 29, is making his production crew noticed throughout the Los Angeles ska and punk scene.

Sanchez provides the sound check which is setting up the all the wiring that connects to the sound board, microphones, and speakers for all the bands that play the night of a show he’s hosting.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Sabino Sanchez mustarrive an hour or two before the show starts to set up the sound board, speakers, microphones etc, for the show.

In order for Sanchez to connect with bands, he must use social networking skills and music taste to new bands to allow them a chance to show off their unique sound and gain some momentum as they perform. Greenleaf creates an atmosphere where almost everyone can get along without disrupting the peace.

Yes, you’ll find some of those people where you can’t vibe with but at the end of it, there’s so many people attending these shows, that you’ll find your place with the right people.

It creates a pit that is always willing to accept all freaks, weirdos, outcasts and black sheep with respect and good times.

“I do it for the music and the people,” states Sanchez.

“If I like the sound of a new band, I’ll work with them to get their music known more,” he said.

One particular band called “The Ghetto on Phyre,” was one of the first big bands that played for Sabino when no else could or wanted to at the early stages of Greenleafs’ productions.

Popular bands such as La Muerte, Trinidad Suave, Ratas Fumigadas and Spare Change collaborate with Sanchez to create a line-up to get the people exhilarated for what’s in store for the weekend.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Sabino Sanchez, 29, uses a soundboard that is called Behringer Eurorack for his production services

It is vital that he gets everything set up about a week prior to posting a flyer before because trying to find a secure venue to host a show can’t always be the easiest.

Also, it’s crucial that he gets everything done within a time frame, Sanchez manages to always pull off a successful and superb night of dancing, laughing and everlasting summer night memories.

Sanchez shares his growing success to many people who are well known or support the scene, “I want to thank everyone on the backyard scene who supports the shows especially my friends and as well as other production crews; So Cal Syndicate, All City, and Concrete Jungle.”

Among Greenleafs’ collaborations, Sanchez teams up with other production crews to help create benefit shows that help with communities all over the Los Angeles area. VHS entertainment and Greenleaf productions help families who are in need of help with funeral expenses and medical bills for loved ones.

TM Rebecca Aguila
Daniel Barranda, 20, over sees the venue as Sabino Sanchez, creator of Greenleaf Productions, sets up sound.

VHS entertainment consists of Daniel Barranda, 20; Denice Fernandez,18; and Marriana Fernandez, 27.

Barranda is also in the well-known band called Spare Change.

“We help by gathering the community together one of our own in the scene. We recently helped out one of our friends who had cancer and raised funds to help out his family in order for him to get his treatment,” Denice Fernandez said.

This disseminates the stereotypical ideology that these ska/punk shows promote violence and drugs when in reality, its about the music and the people who show love to the bands that perform with passion as well as the production crews that set up these events.

At times, some of the higher end ska and punk shows are only for people who are the age of 21 and for those who are willing to drive long distances. Sanchez makes these shows available up to a certain age limit so everyone can enjoy and discover the sound of ska and punk.

The great thing about Greenleaf is that is promotes peace among the crowd. Sanchez doesn’t really have to worry because he knows that the people will handle the situation peacefully by simply kicking out the people who are disrupting vibe among the people and bands.

Sanchez comments on the security by saying, “The people are my security, there’s never been fights at my show.”

Many young people of the newer generation are turning away old school backyard shows and Sabino revives the past with a fantastic line-up and environment.

Maybe you’ll find your best friend or your forever sweet other, but one thing for sure is that you’ll never leave disappointed after attending a Greenleaf productions show.

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Greenleaf Productions Creates the Ultimate Experience