Mothers share thoughts on raising children


Veronica and Shenelle Amador share their thoughts on motherhood and Mother’s Day. “It’s much more than a Hallmark holiday,” Veronica said. Photo credit: Courtesy of Veronica Amador

Luis Lemus, Co-Sports Editor

“I just remember seeing my son for the first time, thinking ‘holy crap, I did this. I just had a feeling I did this!” Shenelle Amador said, upon holding and meeting her son for the first time.

Her mother, Veronica Amador, had an almost-exact same reply to the same question.

As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.”

Both mothers share their thoughts upon giving birth to their first-born child.

Speaking to both mothers shows a glimpse into the feelings and emotions that come with pregnancy and looking at the joys of being pregnant for 9 months.

Veronica explained the importance of Mother’s Day to her, both as a child and now as an adult.

She said, “I think that kind of comes in phases. As a child you, don’t know all of the different roles that a mother plays. It becomes so routine that we think that it’s their job.”

“But now, as a mother, you learn to appreciate the fact that they told you you’ll learn to appreciate it more. It’s much more than a “Hallmark holiday.”

Shenelle explained how she saw things, saying “as a child, and even now as an adult, I do try to [spend] as much time with my son and my mom.

“She always worked so I appreciate the time and now I’m doing retail so my hours will change on a weekly basis, so I appreciate all that she does.”

Upon the questions of how her family took to the news of how her and then-boyfriend Ismael were expecting a baby, Veronica said, “They were all happy. Just many tears of joy from all members of the family.”

Shenelle and her then-husband revealed her pregnancy to each one of the families together. There, too, were tears of joy and happiness.

Veronica shared her thoughts of Shenelle as a mother, stating “I think she is taking what I had taught her and doing it much better than I did.”

“Maybe if I had their knowledge I could have been a better parent for them.”