Nintendo Direct Mario 35th Anniversary: Celebrating all things Mario


This year celebrates 35 years since the release of the original “Super Mario Bros.”. To celebrate, Nintendo released a Direct focus of the red and blue plumber. Photo credit: Nintendo

Oscar Torres, Arts & Entertainment Editor

This year is the 35th anniversary of the original “Super Mario Bros.” game on NES and during the year Nintendo announced a ton of merchandise and other products like Lego Mario and a Lego NES featuring Super Mario.

Just recently Nintendo surprised us with a Nintendo Direct focused on Mario with some surprise announcements that for fans.

There have been many ways to play the original game but this is a brand new way to play Super Mario Bros, in the original Nintendo handheld.

This special Game & Watch is able to play both “Super Mario Bros.” and “Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels.” The Game & Watch also functions as a clock so it’ll be able to tell the time with 35 Mario animations when the time changes.

Fans will be able to get the Handheld for a limited time on Nov. 13th.

For fans of the WiiU, “Super Mario 3D World” makes a comeback on Nintendo Switch. This is an updated version of the WiiU title that features the same levels, new visuals, offline and online Multiplayer with friends, and includes an all-new story/levels called “Bowsers Fury.”

“Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury” will be released next year on Feb. 12th.

Ever wanted to play Super Mario Bros, but in a battle royal style of game? Now it’s possible thanks to Nintendo Switch Online.

This brand new game takes the player and 35 other people and put them against each other until only one remains.

Some unique mechanics includes enemies that have been defeated will be sent to targeted players and works the other way around, Item roulette will be available for players to use to their advantage, and four strategies that can target players with a specific archetype.

“Super Mario Bros. 35” will be available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online Members from Oct. 1 to March 31, 2021.

With “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” players can take the fun of Mario Kart inside there homes. Equipped with a camera, this Mario Kart toy can traverse through the gates that players can place and race inside homes either by themselves or with a friend playing as Luigi.

“Mario Kart Live Home Circuit” is available on Oct 16th with the game and karts being sold separately.

Nintendo announced events for select Nintendo titles like “Smash Bros. Ultimate,” “Super Mario Maker 2”, “Mario Kart Tour”, “Splatoon 2”, and “Animal Crossing New Horizons” that features Mario themed events from now to March 2021.

They also featured a ton of merchandise like Mario Themed puma shoes, a pin set available for a limited time, and clothing lines.

The last big announcement was the full reveal of “Super Mario 3D Allstars.”

This collection of three 3D Mario games “Super Mario 64”, “Super Mario Sunshine,” and “Super Mario Galaxy” will be sure to excite fans of these old and new classics.

Each game has been upgraded to high definition, features new controls and a music player mode to listen to all of the music from the three games.

“Super Mario 3D Allstars” will be available on Sep 18th.

However, this is a limited run for both physical and digital copies. By March 31, 2021, they’ll be gone.

There’s tons of Mario content soon to be released so fans of the Italian plumber should keep their eyes out for new and exciting games and merchandise.