Coffee Break: Coronavirus

Keanu Ruffo and Derrick Coleman

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written by Keannu
Keanu: Hello Falcons and welcome to coffee break. I’m your host, Keanu
Derrick: and I’m Derek
Keanu: and today we’ll be talking about the recent Corona virus that’s been spreading all across la and Orange County. Recently or actually just yesterday or over the weekend, news has has been all over
Derrick: all over the place
Keanu: all over about this coronavirus and how it’s there’s already two recent two recent deaths death total actually
Derrick: deaths or cases?
Keanu: or cases but I heard people have been dying from this though.
Derrick: Yeah, I think in China, it’s been like over 100 deaths already
Keanu:Yeah, deaths Yeah. Yeah, seeing that and then the quarantine in China is not enough to not enough to cover everybody because everybody has been getting into the affected by this disease. Did you want to cover some some facts about it?
Derrick: Yeah, let me see I think it looks like California, Nevada, and a couple other states have had cases up there of the virus.
Keanu: Yeah.
Derrick:I mean thats thats.. I don’t know they’re saying it’s almost like a sinus infection.
Keanu: Yeah, like pneumonia.
Derrick: Yeah.
Keanu: Yeah. That’s pretty pretty scary to hear
Derrick: it is it is
Keanu: you even see, you see people actually I seen in person this morning wearing wearing a mask
Derrick: wearing a mask?
Keanu: Yeah, it was. I mean, that’s actually pretty smart to do, better to be safe than Sorry.
But um.. Yeah, actually, according to The Washington Post, there is increasing fears that a quarantine will not be enough to stop the spread of this new virus, which so far as In fact, at least 2800 People in China and killed at least 82 in China. and it’s actually coming out of wuhan, China
Derrick: Yeah, I think they delayed the Chinese New Year or something like that or they extended it.
Keanu: Really?
Derrick: Yeah.
Keanu: That’s scary, but Yeah they’ve shut down, China has shut down like all
like airports because they’re trying to contain-
Derrick: That’s crazy
Keanu: people in there that aren’t infected but are too at the same time because you don’t know who’s infected you know, There’s millions of people in China and in that city that the virus came from.
Derrick: Yeah.
Keanu: But since since this outbreak, it says 5 million people have already left the city.
Derrick: damn
Keanu: and now it’s over here in California.
Derrick: But I mean, is there a way that they can detect a virus?
Keanu: not really sure, I mean
Derrick: because I think they’re using like sensors to, you know, test people’s vitals and stuff. turkey warned citizens against traveling to Whubai province. That was just like 10 minutes ago it was reported.
Keanu: Yeah, actually-
Derrick: yeah, Turkey has become the turkey has become the largest country to warn its citizens not to travel to China. The turkey Minister of Foreign Affairs, traveled to China on Monday, warning Turkish citizens to not travell to China unless they have to they have to do to due to the coronavirus
Keanu: Yeah, it states here that the coronavirus is a large family of viruses combined in one Derrick: damn
Keanu: And some of which cause the common cold.
Derrick: Oh.. okay
Keanu: and you know, there has been a lot of people recently that have had the cold, especially in December. Everybody was sick, you remember?
Derrick: Yeah.
Keanu: I thankfully and blessed I didn’t get sick. But I know a lot of friends, family members that got really sick and it took time to recover.
Derrick: So that so that city wuhan?
Keanu: wuhan Yeah
Derrick: It’s right between Beijing and Hong Kong. It’s right in the middle.
Keanu: Those are two cities with a lot of people.
Derrick: Yeah.
Keanu: I can’t imagine-
Derrick: It’s almost whats the name of the virus, that was years ago, was it the measles?
Keanu: mhm
Derrick: that just spread almost the same
Keanu: Yeah. Yeah. And actually, I remember I did an article on on a certain virus last spring semester, I forget the name of it. But yeah, it was it had something to do with the homelessness and how they were carrying it. And If like the virus was carried by pet animals and stuff. And they’re saying same thing with this virus. It’s being carried by by pet animals by homeless. And they’re saying hopefully doesn’t spread but it’s like it’s too late for that now.
Derrick: yeah I mean, it’s getting out of hand.
Keanu: Yeah. So far, there are five cases in the US, two of them in socal, one in Chicago, one Washington State and another one in Arizona. The first patient in socal was diagnosed in Orange County on the 25th of January, and the second was identified in LA County on January 26. Also the person in Arizona, that was also confirmed on 26 as well. In Chicago a woman was tested positive. Also, the man from Washington State also testing positive. The symptoms the virus can cause fever, coughing, wheezing and pneumonia. The incubation period is thought to be two weeks but it’s also a heavy flu season and some of the symptoms are similar. So if You’re having any symptoms you need to go get checked out, because you never know.
Keanu: especially how similar it is to these other sicknesses, viruses
Derrick: right right. So I mean, I mean, according to what I’m reading here there saying that
there’s an HIV there’s an HIV drug, alluvion, that could be the potential treatment for it.
I mean, more than 80 people have died from the corona Coronavirus in China. The Chinese government is turned into a drug developed by Ambil for HIV patients as a potential treatment for the outbreak that has reached the shores of the United States.
Keanu: Yeah, and the safest way to not catch this virus, is washing your hands simply, that’s like the best way.
Derrick: Yeah,
Keanu: you know, because especially after testing surfaces like handrails or door knobs or whatever, just wash your hands like once you get home or always have keep wipes or hand sanitizer in your car. You know, that’s always the best way to keep your hands clean. And maybe even wear a mask.
Derrick: true
Keanu: maybe you can wear that I can help as well.
Derrick: So I think according to the ad, Advil said it was donated more than $1 million with alubian, a combination of loopy loopy burn and red toerner Vern In ahug treatment.
Keanu: Yeah, the US is responding to this by screening passengers on directing connecting flights from Wuhan.
Derrick: Okay.
Keanu: at five major airports in the US, which are Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. That’s what they’re doing as of this whole period right now.
Derrick: Yeah.
Keanu: All right, Falcons. That’ll be it for coffee break. I’m your host, Keanu.
Derrick: I’m Derek
Keanu: and we’ll see you all next week.