That’s what we said: Technology vs Real World Expierence

Embrace the technological advances
Technology has found an amazing way to bring people together no matter what the barriers might be. The smartphone in your pocket has to ability to do things that you couldn’t even imagine before. But technology is always advancing and you must advance with it to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Put down the ebook for a real book
There are always two sides to a story and this side needs you to go outside of technology for you to retain all that the world has to offer. Keep it simple and read more to better yourself in the long run in terms of retaining the information you need remember.

Fantasy Football is very real
Every year football rolls around and fantasy football is right there with it. It is a game played between fans of the game for ultimate glory, and possibly a cash prize, at the end of the season. Understanding what goes into this game is the first step to understanding what people go through on a weekly basis for fantasy football.

Great tips to help you take notes
With the semester in full swing and with mid terms right around the corner there is always a way to improve your note taking process. Whether you prefer electronic or the old pen and paper fashion, you must know how to use them efficiently to earn the grade you desire at the end of the semester.