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Stressors that weigh on working students

Claudia Cazares, Staff Writer

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Whether it is an internship, full-time or part-time employment students that work while attending school demonstrate dedication.

Working can take time away from studying and social time so students may find it difficult to adapt in the beginning but learning to prioritize helps a lot.

Building a schedule that can help keep working students on track can be very important.

Whether it is working for pay or landing an internship for a company that emphasizes on the career choice of a student it is very important for working students to remain focus in their studies.

Aside of work being distracting, working has its pros as well because it can help them gain experience. Students can put their skills to practice, by using the tools taught in a classroom by an instructor.

Some may have the opportunity of working for a company that can help push those boundaries that can help them for their future career.

There are students that have found their mentors at work, there are employees or employers that see a student that is driven and will take time out of their busy schedule to help guide them.

Students are perfect candidates for internships and jobs because they are ready to learn.

Not only do students gain something positive from this experience, companies also do when they hire new innovated young adults that are driven to change and get rid of the “norm” to help advance a company.

Students that work whether it is; part-time, full-time or by internship display perseverance to better their skills and are determined to pursue a career of their own.

They display determination despite the hardship they face on a daily basis.

Students that study and work to pursue a career display determination and great multi-tasking skills. This is what employers need to take into consideration. Students are the innovators of tomorrow and can make a change for the best.

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Stressors that weigh on working students