‘Rick and Morty’ offers more than just comedy

From aliens that manipulate your memories to planets where purging is legal, Rick and Morty stole the applause of the audience of Adult Swim once again.

Coming back with high ratings last year, the show just finished its second season last Sunday, Oct. 4, leaving fans in a cliff-hanger and sentimental mood wishing for more.

In this series, the eccentric duo gets to discover new alternate universes and new alien species’ that expand the gallery of characters for the series.

With guess voices such as Stephen Colbert, Jeremy Clements, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele; the show hasn’t failed in bringing laughs to the audience with a modern, dark humor.

Season two explored new grounds and took our heroes to more exciting science-fiction adventures.

Rather than continue sub-plots from last season, such as the episode “Close Rick-counters of the Rick kind”, the show brought new sub-plot that will leave the first one in the waiting room for a while.

Differing from last season’s finale, the audience remained in so much shock that the next day, many comments started to take on YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks wondering what could be next.

With comebacks of familiar characters from both seasons, the show unfolded details to what it could be a strong and complicated plot that can explain why Rick is on the run and against authoritative figures most of the time.

The rhythm and mood of the show, with its hilarious and yet flexible soundtrack, is what makes the show interesting and grabbing; naming the episodes after iconic movies in a satirical way.

But what it is more admirable of the show is that even though it’s adult oriented, it brings a message for the dysfunctional and complicated society of today.

Touching topics such as acceptance from others, the depression that comes with growing old and lonely, to the difficulty of maintaining marriages and overcoming break-ups.

The show is destined to become an icon of the decade next to other famous cartoons such as Gravity Falls, The Legend of Korra and Archer.

Rick and Morty is at its freshest state that no one would want to miss out.

Better catch up before the plot gets more complicated to understand.

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