Benefits come with fall semester sticker

Perla Lara

A student planner, a free In-N-Out burger, and participation in student elections are some of the benefits to having a fall semester sticker.

Studio art major and staff at the Student Activities office Alexis Rivera said, “With the semester sticker you can get a free [student 2016-17 planner], and an In-N-Out burger.”

The sticker is also used to keep track of who participates in the Homecoming and ASCC elections.

Rivera said, “When you vote you show your ID and we mark the sticker to show that you voted.”

The planners include some upcoming campus events, ASCC meeting times and places, a short description of the student services available and its phone number or website, and the number and websites to various hotlines and helpline organizations.

Students can pick up a planner at the Student Activities office while supplies last.

As of Monday afternoon out of 1,190 planners available about 340 had been picked up by students.

Administration of Criminal Justice major Karishma Vekaria, like many students, did not know about the benefits that the fall 2016 semester sticker gives her.

However participating in the ASCC elections is something she would be interested in.

Vekaria has not gotten her semester sticker she said “I haven’t gotten it yet [semester sticker] the lines have been long.”

Thinking of students like Vekaria who wait until after the first weeks of the semester to get their sticker the semester Welcome Day In-N-Out event was moved to Sept. 7.

Student Activities Coordinator Amna Jara said, “The reason we moved Welcome Day to Sept. 7 is to give students more time to get their semester sticker so they can get their free In-N-Out burger.”

Club Info Day will also be on Sept. 7 Jara said, “We wanted to combine the two events so that club info day could have a larger crowd.”

For students like nursing major, Sofia Santoro, the semester sticker is something she needed for tutoring. She said, “I got my student planner, I like it.”

However, like many other students she did not know that with the semester sticker you also get a free In-N-Out burger and the chance to participate in Homecoming and ASCC government elections.

American Sign Language major Fernando Reguma also did not know the benefits that the semester sticker gives.

He said he was planning on getting a planner and would be interested in student elections.

The reason why he got his sticker during the first week of the semester he said was, “So I could use the library and the Student Center.”