Five tips for new students from Talon Marks Editors

Perla Lara, College Life Editor

Editors' tips.jpg

The Talon Marks fall 2016 Ed Board give tips for new college students.

Editor-in-Chief Ethan Ortiz said, “Always arrive to class early. It is better to be prepared and ready to learn rather than showing up late and trying to get out notebooks and paper to take notes. Also, make sure to study for every exam, because it is better to be safe rather than sorry.”

Managing Editor Karla Enriquez said, “Don’t go a day without looking at your class notes. You want to be able to retain all of the information you learned. Getting to class early and reviewing your notes has been effective for me.”

Online Editor Terrel Emerson said, “Take care of business right away. There’s always time to party and live the college life but studies should always come first.”

Sports Editor Monique Nethington said, “Don’t be afraid to fail because failure is how you learn. Also falling asleep in public is a socially acceptable thing.”

Co-multimedia Editor Benjamin Garcia said, “Carry your phone charger wherever you go. Don’t forget to hydrate, carbohydrate, moisturize, exfoliate, and be your self. Worry about what you’re wearing.”