Welcome Subway, we’ve been expecting you


Perla Lara

Chhaya Vaidya (left) wife of Subway store owner receiving payment from Subways first customer Pam Chambers (right) educational partnership program and welcome programs assistant II on Friday Aug. 26. Vaidya and her husband will work in the Subway along with 7 other employees. The first sandwich sold was the sub of the day a tuna sandwich. Photo credit: Perla Lara

Perla Lara, College Life Editor

Choosing Subway over the other food options in the Student Center was an easy choice for first customer Pam Chambers, educational partnership program and welcome programs assistant II.

Chambers bought a tuna sandwich and excitedly said the reason for her choice was “I love Subway.”

After months of expectations the on campus Subway opened for business on Friday, Aug. 26.

Subway is located inside the Student Center taking the place of Taco Bell.

Undecided major, Dezmon Murphy was the first student to buy Subway, his choice was a pastrami and ham sandwich. He had been waiting for Subway to open.

He mentioned he had just finished exercising when he was walking by saw Subway open and “had to come.”

Subway store owner Paresh Vaidya was “reached out by the local Subway office. They said, ‘What do you think about opening in Cerritos College’ and we [himself and the local office] felt it was a great opportunity.”

He said it was in late November early December when he was approached and the processes of signing the contract, getting approval, and finishing construction took about six to seven months.

Ashley Holtkamp Business Consultant with the local Subway business office was at the opening to ensure that everything went well.

She said, “We’ve all been very eager to get the location to open, it’s great to finally see opening day is here and [we are] making great sandwiches for everyone.”

Holtkamp also stated the reason for opening on Friday, Aug.26 was because it would be a “soft opening it gives the team time to adjust this is a lot of [team members] first day here, it’s an adjustment curve so it gives them an opportunity to see how things are going to flow before we have a lot of students on campus.”

The Subway team consists of owner Vaidya, his wife Chhaya Vaidya, Marissa Garcia manager, and seven employees who will work at the store.

Vaidya said “It helps [workers] get familiar with the area where the equipment is, everything because it’s a very small space that we built the store in. Normally our store is like 900 sq. feet or more […] so it lets them get a little bit comfortable before we hit the heavy traffic.”

Undecided major Jonathan Guzman had just finished exercising and decided to get something to eat. He said “subway is the best way to go I believe we [himself and Murphy] just got done working out so I think this is healthier for us.”

Chambers’ fellow coworker Paul Bleak educational partnership program admin clerk III said, “I heard it was opening, it was something we’ve been waiting for on campus for a long time it’s a nice healthier alternative to some of the other food choices on campus.”

Being the healthier alternative seems to be the main reason people will choose Subway over other choices.