OrgSync gains positive response from student body

Perla Lara

Screenshoot from Photo credit: Perla Lara

Jenny Gonzalez

OrgSync is an online platform ASCC funded to digitally organize the clubs at Cerritos College.

Kay Uraizee, mechanical engineer major and BioChem Club member, states, “I use it for doing surveys and to catch up on latest news with what our clubs are doing. If they have new events posted, if we need like things like forms and things to fill out for trips […] we have the forms right there- they’re posted and […] we can send it directly to whoever we need to send it to on OrgSync. It’s pretty cool.”

She states that she can use the platform to stay updated and she doesn’t have to go through multiple websites or sources to access information related to clubs.

“[…] OrgSync is better in terms of connecting people and clubs together, so […] for me, someone who is part of multiple clubs, I need to know what is going on. Since I’m right there, [and] everything is right there, I can get a hold of [information] a lot faster, a lot better, [and] a lot more efficiently.”

Amna Jara, Student Activities Coordinator, introduced the platform to ASCC. “I met the representatives from OrgSync at a national conference […] for student affairs professionals called NASPA and I was just really excited for an opportunity for us to be able to go paperless and for the clubs to have a centralized location where they can access all the information.” she said.

“ […] I networked with other colleges that used [OrgSync] and I [received] positive feedback. I brought it back to the campus and we talked about it on campus with the administrators […] and we decided to start getting it going.”

Jara also mentions the time lapse between the introduction of the program through ASCC approval was two years.

A trial run was also administered, and while Jara initially advised the club members to use OrgSync, she now only accepts electronic copies of all documents through the website.

“When we started this semester, we had 284 users; right now, we have 366 users. In three weeks we’ve increased our users by 122 people.” Jara said.

41 clubs have submitted a renewal application that includes both new clubs and older clubs. The deadline to submit a renewal application is on Friday.

Mary Guce, psychology major, states that “We’re going to try to have [the students or club members] link up on OrgSync this semester. I’m going to try to advertise our events in there.” She adds, “Yeah I think it’s really helpful and it’s better to communicate like that.”

Joseph Escandon, from Commercial Music Club, states, “Yeah [we] are using OrgSync. Right now […] we’re allowing the members to tell us when they would like to meet. It’s a poll that’s created and we just have days and times and they can […] choose as many, [it is] just so we have an idea [of] what [day and time] works best.”

He also adds that he is in charge of managing OrgSync so he will send out a mass email of both club, and school events every Friday. He adds, “I know there [is] not the greatest promotion here about school activities so I kind of take it upon myself to at least get our members that information.”

While most club members are happy to use OrgSync, Julia Plecnik,kinesiology major and President of the Triathlon Club states, “[…] I’d rather be emailing and texting people instead of having them do it [on OrgSync]. I don’t check [it]. I only do forms- it’s just a lot easier for me […]”

Donald Steele, plastics manufacturing major said, “I am a member of OrgSync but I use it for other clubs.”

Abigail Machado, psychology major from Psychology Club, states, “[…] We’re kind of forced to use it aren’t we because of the password? It sounds better to me than Talonnet […] I think it’s pretty interesting because they’re trying to push it for the clubs first and then the whole school overall […].”

Pearl Netrayana, club representative for the Abilities Empowered Club stated that the club is on OrgSync but she still has to learn to use it. She plans on using it for the club.

Jara also mentions that “for the [students] that aren’t sure about how to access [OrgSync], they just come and talk to us, I have an open door policy so they can talk to me about it anytime. I sit down and I help them out with any problems that they have. I go to club meetings and present OrgSync [to try and] get the word out. I just want to make sure everybody is familiar and is comfortable using it.”