Talon Marks editors picks for issues students should know

Perla Lara

Editors' tips.jpg

Co-Multimedia Editor Benjamin Garcia said, “You can get hepatitis b from unclean toilet seats. Your personal health is important to the collective student body.”

Sports Editor Monique Nethington said, “Do not share needles, be aware of what’s going in your body.”

Arts & Entertainment Editor Briana Velarde said, “Sleep deprivation can lead to a higher risk of chronic health problems, like high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes.”

Opinion Editor Jenny Gonzalez said, “Cow milk has fat, puss and antibiotics that are given to the cow to produce more milk. Be careful.”

Managing Editor Karla Enriquez said, “Human Papillomavirus vaccines are important and is something men under 21 and women under 26 could look into. The vaccine protects against cancers caused by HPV.”