Celena’s safe haven: cop shootings

Celena's safe haven: cop shootings

Briana Hicks

Celena's safe haven 2-1.jpgRecently three cops were shot; only one was injured while the other two were killed.

Although cops aren’t on good standing with minorities, they don’t deserve to die!

It is agreed that there are cops who took an oath to serve and protect their community that have been abusing the power allotted to them, but choosing whether someone gets to live or die makes you no better than them.

Allowing your enemy to stoop you down to their level is like standing in public arguing with an idiot. Eventually, you both wind up looking like idiots and no one gets their point across.

Just like there are bad and good people in the world, there are also good and bad people in law enforcement.

Things will never be fair in the world; therefore people shouldn’t contribute to that unfortunate factor of daily life.

Yes, there are cops in the world who couldn’t care less about minorities, but those same people also belong to a family whose life would be altered if their loved one’s life were to be cut too soon.

As a society, we can be outraged about the senseless killings of minorities at the hands of police but we can also acknowledge that murdering cops is not the answer.

Having an entire police force across the nation pay for the crimes of some rotten apples is not a solution.

We are in need of solutions such as independent investigations of police brutality, the ban of racial profiling and hiring police officers who know the community.

It is understood that people probably won’t get why fellow minority members are speaking up for the life of probably the most hated public group in America, but at the end of the day, we don’t believe our life is worth more than theirs.

That’s what got us in this mess in the first place, a cop thinking his or her life was more important than the person “endangering” theirs, so they had no choice but to take the life before them.

We will not have someone else’s blood on our hands, and we will not choose to believe that all cops are bad.

However, there is a need for the cops that are accomplishing their duty of protecting and serving to denounce their corrupt counterparts.

If we keep going down this road, it will only lead to devastation.