CIA club fundraises to combat student hunger

Leslie Castaneda

Breakfast or even lunch is a hassle for students to get a hold of when it comes to running to class or maybe just the fact that money is the problem.

The [CIA] club had a fundraiser Thursday, Nov. 17 on Falcon Square to help students in need of a snack or even their first meal of the day.

Biology major James Coppola said, “We are doing this to combat student hunger on campus and to raise funds.”

“For the most part everything is free except Nachos are a $1 and if the student fills out a survey they will receive free chips and a drink,” he added.

The survey provided is composed of questions to know if the student is experiencing food insecurity.

Coppola also mentioned that during finals week they will be handing out free granola bars, drinks and other snacks.

A sign that read, “Nachos $1,” caught the eye of students walking by and while purchasing they were being informed of why this fundraiser was being held.

Carmen Montano, architecture major, said, “I think this is a great idea. A lot of [students] don’t have time to even grab anything to eat in the morning and probably don’t eat all day because of being so busy with school or even rushing back to work.”

She continued, “I think the fact that they will be giving free snacks on finals week is an even better idea, there is a lot less time to eat because of studying and taking the exams.”

Psychology major Stephanie Cervantes said, “I think this is a good idea because of the morning rush and also it is very true because not only do a lot of students not have time to eat in the morning but they don’t have money.

“I’ve experienced it when my FAFSA money takes a while to come in and I don’t have enough.”

Cervantes continued, “giving snacks out on finals week is great for so many reasons, one being that I have diabetes and if I don’t eat, I get low blood pressure and can’t concentrate.”

Adviser Dr. Kim Berling helped organize the fundraiser and had a great amount of help with students willing to give a hand to fellow classmates.

Those student helpers included:

  • Daisy Aguirre, biology major
  • Stephanie Barrows, psychology major
  • Jason Jones, undecided major
  • Raymond Guzman, chemistry major
  • Diana Cordova. criminal justice major
  • Destiny Talalemotu – psychology & religion major

Those who were helping everyone walking by knew what was going on and catch students and even faculty’s attention.

If someone did not want to buy nachos or fill out a survey, they also had the opportunity to provide any amount they felt the need to donate.