Penny Press: All eyes on sunglasses


Jose Flores

The most underrated accessory of all time are the sunglasses.

Most people see a one-function only tool — they miss the multi-purpose part of it. They’re shields, wards for the ‘windows to our souls.’

Here’s what we all know: our eyes send messages to our brain about what they’re seeing.

Here’s what some of us don’t know: our eyes are also sending messages to people who are observing them.

A common example is when people fake a smile — if their eyes don’t wrinkle on the side, the smile is fake.

There’s a bunch of cues like this our eyes do that reveal our thoughts or intentions.

Imagine how much less vulnerable you’ll feel if your eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses — no one would be able to read your eyes.

You’d be mysterious.

Studies have shown that because sunglasses hide your micro-expressions, which include eye movement, people wearing sunglasses feel more confident; their self-esteem goes up.

Lenses on lenses
A few students wearing sunglasses that match their style around campus. Photo credit: Jose Flores

Imagine that — a simple piece of plastic and tinted glass can make you feel better about yourself.

We all know the famous brand Ray Bans where their most inexpensive pair cost close to $100.

What we have to remember is all sunglasses can hide your eyes. Even the ones on the counter rack at the gas station can do the job without breaking your bank.

So get yourself some sunglasses! Find a pair that suits your style.

If you’re a calm person, then find some black ones. If you have a loud personality, get some red ones.

Do you dress as if you’re from a 60’s sitcom about a woman living in the fast lane? Then purchase some that have pointed corners.

Lenses on lenses
A few students wearing sunglasses that match their style around campus. Photo credit: Jose Flores

Maybe you know someone who can use some self-esteem, buy them a pair too.

And for those of you that wear glasses to see clearer, you can either get prescription sunglasses — they might be expensive, sometimes health insurance can help cover the cost — or you can wear them over your regular glasses.

So now that you know the power that sunglasses have, other than dimming out the sun, go out and face the world.

Strut down the street with your sunglasses. Hold your chin up and let the power of the shades work their magic.