‘The Falcon Games Saga Continues’


Jackelynn Martinez

ASCC President Karen Patron and ASCC Vice President David Ramirez discussing about the Falcon Games. Falcon Games will be returning to Cerritos College for a fifth year.

Carlos Martinez

Cerritos College club members have a new goal to get involved and to spread campus pride as ASCC announced the Falcon Games will return for a fifth year.

This Falcon Games’ theme this year will be “The Games Strikes Back,” getting the idea from the fifth installment of the Star Wars series, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

The Falcon Games consists of teams of three or four students, representing any of the various clubs on campus, competing in different events within the three day competition and have an opportunity of winning cash prizes for their clubs.

The games will be divided into three events or “episodes” that will occur on March 5-7:

  • Episode I – Academic Decathalon
  • Episode II – Physical Games
  • Episode III – Video Games

“Its an important part of student life,” Student Activities Coordinator Amna Jara said. “We want the clubs to have fun.”

Jara also said that it was impressive that the games expanded from a one day event of winning bragging righrs to one of the biggest fundraisers for clubs on campus.

She then said that students are found to be more successful once they are involved with campus life.

“The games is also a chance for the clubs to connect,” Kadie Gurley ICC representative, said.

,Gurley stated that the games encourages students to learn more about Cerritos College and to meet others who share the same passion or career choices.

She also expressed that the games have a greater significance to her and some of her colleagues as a good number of club representatives are in their final year at Cerritos College.

In addition to encouraging students in participating in the upcoming events, Jara spoke about Cerritos College’s commencement.

“We want students to stay focused on their education and keep going to class,” Jara said. “Just because it’s their [students] last semester, doesn’t mean that they can check out.

Available in Admissions and Records, students can sign a petition to have their name printed in the commencement program booklet.

The petition can also be utilized to help students who are wondering about their academic status and if they meet the requirements to receive their certification or diploma.

“As a campus, we don’t know that you’re graduating unless you tell us, she added. “Even though a lot of students are going on and transferring, this is a milestone achievement. We do want to celebrate with you and it means a lot to the families.”

“These are nice memories to show that you lived college to the fullest,” Gurley said, “It will remind students to continue to have fresh, new ideas and to keep making a difference.”

Feb. 20 will be the last day to file a petition so names can be printed in the program booklet.

March 23 will be the last day to file a petition for spring commencement.

Cerritos College’s Commencement will be held on May 18 in the Falcon Stadium at 6p.m.