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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Downey Night Market sells joy for free

Christine Nader
Dreamer Jewels owner preparing to fuse bracelet together with laser for client.

Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Angel City Market occupies Downtown Downey to host a free night market.

Located between 2nd and 4th Street, the vendors lined up to serve the public with food, merchandise and music from 5-9 p.m.

The atmosphere rings with chatter and lively music, setting a pleasant mood for everyone passing through.

Children are seen running about with cheery smiles as they make their way through the vendor stands with utmost curiosity.

The small businesses cater to interests of all kinds, including jewelry, potted plants, slime, candles and hand-crafted trinkets.

Aficionados of jewelry made their way to Dreamer Jewels, where customers are provided an in-person permanent jewelry appointment if requested.

The customer can choose to fuse a dainty bracelet or anklet with the help of a laser and one of the on-site jewelers.

Energetic dogs were found at every corner of the market which adds to the charming and familial presence the market carries.

Pet owners could find a majority of their needs satisfied when browsing at treats, clothing, and personalized leashes.

Luxury Paws Inc. accommodates stylish pet owners with their designer dog leashes with patterns like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior.

The Puppy Bakery was a hot spot for dog owners with its 100% human-grade dog treats.

Despite the market’s importance of selling materialistic stock, the aromas of the market can intrigue -and subtly invite- anyone passing by to join.

The food trucks had plenty of options to choose from, ranging from noodles, burgers, seafood, sweets, and coffee.

Starting at the beginning of the path of trucks, you are greeted with the savory scent of pupusas and burgers.

The crisp char from the hibachi truck wafts through the trail in a tasteful manner.

A pleasant ending to the fragrant observational trek through the food section of the market is the vanilla scent coming from the sweets truck, The Twist.

Under the Bun, a truck that specializes in hand-crafted sliders, had a lively crowd surrounding their truck all through the event.

They provide the option to buy sliders, chips, fries and even a sampler of three sliders for those unsure of their decision.

This is the company’s third event since expanding its business to Downey in early March.

Downey has had a variety of markets in the past years, such as the street market for fruits and vegetables, yet this one brings a tinge of excitement for residents and visitors.

Angel City Market was created by Kenia Haro, a third-grade teacher and business executive.

The inspiration behind the Latina-founded business was to uplift and unite small communities and have fun along the way.

Small business owners expressed a sense of relief and happiness every time a curious customer made their way to their booth.

Night markets are a substantial way for the city to encourage the creation of small businesses.

They provide a relaxing night of entertainment and browsing under the stars at little to no cost.

Angel City Market hosts other market and exchange events in SoCal cities like Long Beach, Pacific City, Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys.

The next Downey night market will take place on April 27th at 5 p.m. at the Downtown Downey Plaza.

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Christine Nader, Co-Community Editor
Christine Nader is Co-Community Editor for Talon Marks. Her goal is to write about music and entertainment. She also goes by the nickname Chris, and her hobbies consist of nail care, attending concerts, and watching movies. In the future, Christine hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, then USC Annenberg for a Masters in Journalism.
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Downey Night Market sells joy for free